Best Vodka UK Reviews 2022 – Budget & High End Options

By  Enda McLarnon

If like me you enjoy the taste of Vodka, then you will enjoy browsing through my list below, of what I call the best high end vodka options available in the UK market. The reality is that few of us will be able to afford to treat ourselves with one of these. But you know what there is nothing wrong with having a look.

If you do ever win the lottery, then you can just go for it, and try the whole darned lot.

Smirnoff Red Label Vodka

This remains the classic best seller online and any Vodka drinker will be very familiar with the Smirnoff brand

This No. 21 premium vodka is the best selling premium vodka brand in the world and has been for a very long time

This is a 1 litre bottle with a 37.5% volume which has been tripe distilled and filtered 10 times through beds of charcoal

£20 for a litre is a very good price

96% buyer satisfaction based on 13,000 online reviews

Absolut Vodka Original

This is a 1 litre bottle and at a very good price for this volume and is 40% proof

This is a Swedish vodka and doesn't contain any sugar as it is made exclusively from natural ingredients, using water and winter wheat grown in the fields of Åhus, Sweden

It has been made in distilleries for over 400 years and now very popular in UK bars

96% buyer satisfaction based on 4,500 online reviews

Russian Standard Original Vodka

This is a 70 cl bottle and one of the cheapest prices for vodka for this volume and is 38% proof

This is a Russian vodka made from good quality food grade winter wheat from the Russian Steppes and pure glacial water from Lake Ladoga. (St Petersburg)

It is then distilled over 200 times for extra purity.

This vodka did win the Masters Award - at the Vodka Masters 2020

96% buyer satisfaction based on 3,000 online reviews

Absolut Vanilia Flavoured Vodka

This Absolut Vanilia Vodka has a distinct character of vanilla, notes of butterscotch and hints of dark chocolate.

Absolut Vanilia is made exclusively from natural ingredients and includes Absolut Vodka and vanilla flavour.

Absolut Vodka has been produced near Åhus, Sweden in accordance with more than 400 years of Swedish tradition.

96% buyer satisfaction based on 4,500 online reviews

Grey Goose French Vodka

This is a 4.5 litre bottle

This is made using only fine French ingredients and includes winter wheat from Picardie and spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue

The water used in Grey Goose is naturally filtered through underground limestone so deep it's untouched by pollutants.

The Grey Goose Cellar Master François Thibault oversees the production process to create a vodka unlike any other.

94% buyer satisfaction based on 150 online reviews

Vodka "Beluga Gold Line" Russian Vodka

This is a small 150 cl bottle (40% proof)

Beluga Gold Line is a limited edition product

It is made from malt using a natural fermentation process without the addition of enzymes

After distillation Beluga undergoes quartz sand filtration and is rested for three months prior to bottling

Every bottle is accompanied by an elegant hammer and brush set for removing wax.

BELUGA Gold Line is a gourmet vodka for true connoisseurs. Best served at 10-12°C to enjoy complexity of the pallet and smooth creaminess.

96% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online reviews

CIROC Premium Vodka

The CIROC Snap Frost is an ultra-premium vodka made from French grapes and is 40% Proof

Cîroc is distilled five times in an Armagnac style pot still to create its distinct taste.

The result is an exquisitely smooth, fresh and innovative vodka experience.

There is no burning tang to this vodka. It is strong though so remember to behave yourself. This vodka is ultra smooth and crispy, but has a good old kick to it as well. You can actually drink this without a mixer, and we think is best served chilled and over ice.

98% buyer satisfaction based on 2,000+ online reviews

Beluga Noble Premium Russian Vodka

This brand is the number one Premium vodka in Russia with a 40% volume

This is a 70 cl bottle

This vodka is made in the Altai region of Siberia and is made from malted wheat and pure water drawn from Artesian wells

Beluga vodka has a strict system of purification, with multiple filtrations through quartz sand and silver-enriched charcoal and a 30-day ‘resting’ period guaranteeing the purity and ultimate quality of the final vodka

It is best served neat or to use in cocktails

96% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online reviews

Crystal Head Vodka 3 litre

Pretty distinctive eh? This is also one that you could maybe even afford to try now. 

This one is a 70cl bottle 

That is at least within reach, and again would be a great gift for a birthday, or Christmas time.

The bottle is really cool looking. This vodka though is all about its purity.

There is a nice citrus and aniseed taste and there is no added sugar or oils.

96% buyer satisfaction based on 100 online reviews

As and when we find any other high end Vodkas, we will add them to the list.

Vodka Recipes

Here are a few cocktail recipes using Vodka

Vodka Mojito

Ingredients: 45 ml Vodka, 20 ml Simple Syrup, 6 Whole Mint Leaf, 4 Quarters Lime and Soda Water

How to make: Muddle mint leaves, lime and simple syrup in a highball glass. Fill with crushed ice. Add Absolut Vodka. Stir. Top up with soda water. Garnish with mint leaf.

Moscow Mule

Ingredients: 45 ml Vodka, 15 ml Lime Juice, Ginger Beer, 1 Wedge Lime and Ice Cubes

How to make: Fill a mule mug with ice cubes. Add Absolut Vodka and lime juice. Top up with ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Espresso Martini

Ingredients: 40 ml Vodka, 20 ml Kahlúa, 20 ml Espresso, 3 Whole Coffee Beans and Ice Cubes

How to make: Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with coffee beans.

Cucumber Spritz

Ingredients: 50 ml Vodka, 30 ml Dry Vermouth, sparkling water, tonic water and 2 cucumber ribbons

How to make: Measure out equal parts sparkling and tonic waters. Combine all in a tall glass, fill with ice and stir.

What are units of alcohol?

A UK unit of alcohol is 10 millilitres of pure alcohol. If for example you drink 10ml of pure alcohol, then 60 minutes later there should be virtually none left in your bloodstream.

In the UK most bottles and cans show the number of alcohol units they contain.

For example, most gin as we have mentioned has an ABV of 40%. If you bought a 1 litre (1,000ml) bottle of gin it would contain 400ml of pure alcohol. This is 40 units as 10ml of pure alcohol = one unit.

 So, in 100ml of gin, there would be 4 units and as such a 25ml single measure of gin would contain 1 unit of alcohol.

What does 40% ABV mean?

Most gin has a 40% ABV also referred to as 40% volume. ABV stands for "Alcohol by Volume." If for example you bought a bottle of pink gin with an ABV of 40%, the 70cl X 40% = 24cl which is the amount of actual alcohol in the bottle.

The remaining contents include flavours, water and other ingredients.

Hopefully that has cleared up any confusion.

How Much is 70 cl?

70 cl is the standard size for a bottle of spirits. cl stands for a centilitre, which is one hundredth of a litre. So a 70 cl bottle of alcohol is actually 0.7 litres. That is the same as 1.23 pints.

Now it can get confusing, and we don't like confusion, so hopefully the information below clears this up.

If you go into a bar in the UK and order a gin for example, their standard measure is 25ml and in Northern Ireland it is 35 ml. (Some bars in the UK also serve a 35 ml size)

25 ml is the same as 2.5 cl and 35 ml is the same as 3.5 cl

So if you bought a bottle of pink gin sized 70 cl, you would get 28 x 25ml measures from the bottle.

If you are more used to a 35 ml measure you would get 20 measures.

Hopefully that has cleared up any confusion.

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