Best Pink Gin UK Reviews 2022 – Budget & High End Options

By  Enda McLarnon

Gin in the UK has boomed in popularity with pink gins leading the way as a popular drink of choice. Gin was first made in the Netherlands and is one of the easier alcohol drinks to make and is done so by distilling a neutral grain alcohol with juniper berries and other botanicals.

In reality they are not really berries at all, but are a cone with fleshy scales that make it look just like a berry as we know it. They are mainly used as a spice and in the making of gin. 

Pink gin is just a normal gin that has been flavoured with fruits. The reason for its popularity is that many people didn't like the taste of normal gin and found it too dry. By adding, strawberries, red currants or raspberries, the colour changed to pink and it also tasted so much sweeter.

Pink gin is commonly used in cocktails such as pink gin, lemonade and Prosecco, known as a Pink Spritz.

Which Brands Make Irish Whiskey?

There are around 40 different makers of Irish whiskey. The best known are Bushmills, Jamesons, Powers and Tullamore Dew. We have shown the full list just below.

  • Altituse Gin
  • Burleighs
  • Chase Pink
  • Edgerton Original
  • Gin Lane
  • Gordons
  • Greenalls
  • Larios
  • Malfy Rosa
  • Manchester Gin
  • M&S Think
  • Musgrave
  • Pinkster Gin
  • Rives
  • Salcombe
  • Tovess
  • Whitley Neill

Whitley Neill Pink Grapefruit Gin

This is by quite a distance the best selling pink gin online as you can see from the high number of buyer reviews

This is a 70 cl bottle with a 43% alcohol volume.

It has a delicate sweetness with citrusy notes that give way to a balanced grapefruit burst as it is infused using Iberian pink grapefruit grown in Spain

Many buyers prefer this one with ginger ale and they said this is just really pleasant to drink with tonic as well or use in a cocktail of your choice.

96% buyer satisfaction based on 26,000 online reviews

Gordon's Premium Pink Distilled Gin

The Gordon's brand is the most associated one with gin and has been selling worldwide for many years

Their premium pink gin is a light and refreshing tasting drink and even better if mixed with tonics and freshly chopped strawberries

This is a 70 cl bottle with a 37.5% ABV but it is also available in a 1 and 1.5 litre bottle

Like most pink gins the addition of fruit makes this a much sweeter tasting drink than normal gin and we think well worth a try.

96% buyer satisfaction based on 10,000 online reviews

Beefeater Pink Strawberry Flavoured Gin

Some buyers love the Beefeater brand  and their pink gin does sell really well online

This is a 70 cl bottle with a 37.5% ABV

As the name suggests this one fuses natural strawberry, citrus and classic juniper, to create a delicate and refreshing strawberry flavoured gin

This is one of the cheapest options on the UK market and may explain the very high volumes of sales.

Most buyers drink this by adding lemonade and some ice.

96% buyer satisfaction based on 10,000 online reviews

J.J. Whitley Pink Gin

This pink gin offer from the J.J Whitley brand has won awards and starting to grow in popularity

This is a 70 cl bottle with a 38% ABV and is classed as a cherry gin so a darker pink than most

Many buyers like the bottle appearance and most seem to like the contents as well

This is not as sweet as a strawberry type pink gin but also not as dry as normal gin, and it has a distinct cherry taste.

92% buyer satisfaction based on 2,000 online reviews


Tovess Pink Gin

This gin is infused with strawberry, raspberry and cranberry

This is a 70 cl bottle with a 37.5% ABV

This is one of those very good gins that not many people know about and quite a number of buyers compare it with Malfy pink gins

It has a sweet taste to it and buyers appear to drink it with tonic or lemonade.

92% buyer satisfaction based on 2,000 online reviews

How Much is 70 cl?

70 cl is the standard size for a bottle of spirits. cl stands for a centilitre, which is one hundredth of a litre. So a 70 cl bottle of alcohol is actually 0.7 litres. That is the same as 1.23 pints.

Now it can get confusing, and we don't like confusion, so hopefully the information below clears this up.

If you go into a bar in the UK and order a gin for example, their standard measure is 25ml and in Northern Ireland it is 35 ml. (Some bars in the UK also serve a 35 ml size)

25 ml is the same as 2.5 cl and 35 ml is the same as 3.5 cl

So if you bought a bottle of pink gin sized 70 cl, you would get 28 x 25ml measures from the bottle.

If you are more used to a 35 ml measure you would get 20 measures.

Hopefully that has cleared up any confusion.

What does 40% ABV mean?

Most gin has a 40% ABV also referred to as 40% volume. ABV stands for "Alcohol by Volume." If for example you bought a bottle of pink gin with an ABV of 40%, the 70cl X 40% = 24cl which is the amount of actual alcohol in the bottle.

The remaining contents include flavours, water and other ingredients.

Hopefully that has cleared up any confusion.

What are units of alcohol?

A UK unit of alcohol is 10 millilitres of pure alcohol. If for example you drink 10ml of pure alcohol, then 60 minutes later there should be virtually none left in your bloodstream.

In the UK most bottles and cans show the number of alcohol units they contain.

For example, most gin as we have mentioned has an ABV of 40%. If you bought a 1 litre (1,000ml) bottle of gin it would contain 400ml of pure alcohol. This is 40 units as 10ml of pure alcohol = one unit.

 So, in 100ml of gin, there would be 4 units and as such a 25ml single measure of gin would contain 1 unit of alcohol.

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