Gro Company Blackout Blind UK Review

By  Enda McLarnon

Gro Company Blackout Blind UK Review Summary

Thanks for taking your time to read our review of the Gro Company Blackout Blind. Just below we have completed a quick summary, for any reader who is in a hurry and doesn't have time to read our full review.

Ease of Setup & Use

Easy to set up, and sticks very well. Easy to take down and portable

Blocking Light

Makes a room pitch black and very good at keeping the heat out as well.

Value for money

If you can find this blind for under £25, then we think good value for money

Overall buyer satisfaction rating :  80%

(Based on over 5,000 online buyer reviews)

  • This blind will fit windows up to a maximum of to 130 x 198 cm
  • Attaches to the window using suction caps and most buyers say these work pretty well
  • It does create a very dark environment
  • Buyers said that this is quick and easy to setup and take down if you want to use it for travelling
Gro Company Stars and Moons Gro Anywhere Portable Blackout Blind

“Make bedtimes easier when its light at night time, the Gro Anywhere Blind can be used to create a dark sleeping environment wherever you are.”

The blind attaches to just about any window from 130 x 198cm down to about 1/3 of that size.

Product General Description

The main purpose of any blackout blind is simply to keep the light out, and it does help with sleep. Mainly these are used for children's bedrooms, but many adults also make use of these, especially during the summer months, to help them get to sleep and stay asleep.

The main method of doing that is to use a blackout blind, and many parents simply opt for putting a sheet up on their window, or a heavier set of curtains.

The issue with either of those two methods is a combination of the hassle of doing that, and the expense of heavier curtains or lined curtains

A blackout blind was created to counteract those two problems. There are plenty of these available on the UK market, from brands such as Gro Company and from Easynight.

This Gro Company blind is by quite a long way the biggest seller, which is mainly down to it affordability. It will fit any window up a maximum of to 130 x 198 cm and it only weighs 200 grams so very light.

It attaches to the window using suction cups and that does make it easier to set up rather than trying to use some form of ties.

Pros and Cons

Buyer Satisfaction

Below we have included what online buyers had to say about this product


  • Overall buyers gave this blind an 80% buyer satisfaction rating  
  • 58% of all buyers gave this a full 5 star rating
  • Most buyers say these do a great job of keeping the light out
  • Most buyers also say that these are great for keeping a room cool, it it gets sunshine for most of the day
  • Buyers did like the fact that these were easy to put up and take down


  • 13% of all online buyers gave this a poor review
  • Some buyers said the suction cups are useless, and that was the main complaint


It is worth noting that 13% of poor reviews is always a concern when you are buying any product as it is higher than you would expect. Almost every single complaint is that the suckers don't work.

To help make the suction caps stick, make sure that the window has been cleaned, as any dust or condensation does impact on the suction. We also recommend adding a little moisture to the inside of the suction cup (a quick wipe with a damp cloth) as that also helps with the suction.

Gro Company blind

“The Gro Company is one of the UK’s leading baby sleep brands and has been helping parents get babies to sleep safely for over 18 years.

Gro has a longstanding relationship with The Lullaby Trust and has helped raise valuable funds to finance vital research into SIDS"

Our Verdict on these Blackout Blinds

This blind has sold in huge numbers mainly down to the price point, and the fact that it does what it says on the tin.

These are cheaper than buying lined curtains, and they do help keep the room cool, if it is subject to bright sunshine every day.

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  1. A good idea and the blind does keep light out but the suction cups are useless after a while as they become hard and do not stick.

    I carry my own suction cups and hooks and have put some eyelets in the blind so that I can just tie them on the window but, none of this should be necessary if the suction cups supplied actually worked.

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