Best Bathroom Bin UK 2024

By  Enda McLarnon

What makes a good bathroom bin?

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the best bathroom bins that are currently available on the UK market. There are a few different styles available. However the most popular by far is the pedal style bathroom bin.

They can be picked up cheaply at many stores and most of them cost around £8-30. At the lower end of the price point the bin will be functional but basic, and at the higher end they will have a much better appearance, design and a higher quality of build.

At the end of the day though, most people pick a bin for their bathroom based on what they are willing to pay, what it looks like in terms of appearance and style and then its practical use.

We have included below a few different bins and summarised the reviews of what buyers though of them and said about them.

Brabantia NewIcon Pedal Bin 3 L Soft-Closure Bathroom Rubbish Bin

Brabantia 112126 Pedal Bin newIcon with Plastic Inner Bucket, 3 L-White

This is another big seller online from the popular Brabantia cleaning brand and is a pedal style bin

It is really good value for money and available in a variety of 17 colours including white

The bin measures 26.4 x 17 x 23.5cm centimetres and comes with a 10 year warranty

The model shown holds up to 3 litres of rubbish which is about average for a standard bathroom bin - it is also available in 5, 12, 20 and 50 litre sizes


  • 83% of all buyers gave this a full 5 star review  
  • Buyers liked the fact that this bin is very well made out of long lasting stainless steel
  • Buyers liked the simple pedal bin operation
  • Buyers say this bin looks really good and is the perfect size for a small to medium sized bathroom


  • 2% of all buyers gave this a poor review  
  • A few buyers say it doesn't work if placed to close to a wall as the lid hits the wall

Check Amazon UK - Average UK Price £35 - 94% buyer satisfaction based on 11,000+ online buyer reviews

Addis 517488 Faux Rattan Round Swing Lid Bathroom Bin

Addis Faux Rattan Round Swing Lid Bathroom Bin, Charcoal, 517488

This is one of the best sellers online from the popular Addis cleaning brand and has a flip lid

It is really good value for money and available in the charcoal grey shown, plain white, calico linen and a light mineral grey

The bin measures 22.5 x 22.5 x 28.5 centimetres and weighs around 0.5 Kg

It holds up to 5 litres of rubbish which is about average for a standard bathroom bin


  • 76% of all buyers gave this a full 5 star review  
  • Buyers liked the fact that it was very easy to fit a plastic bag inside and it isn't seen
  • Buyers really liked the rattan style appearance as it makes the bin look more expensive than it is
  • Buyers say the lid flips inwards and makes it much easier to use than a pedal bin


  • 2% of all buyers gave this a poor review  
  • A few buyers didn't like the swing lid

Check Amazon UK - Average UK Price £15 - 92% buyer satisfaction based on 11,000+ online buyer reviews

Bathroom Bin Buying Tips

Buying a bin sounds like a really easy thing to do. At the end of the day it is just a bin. For bathrooms though we think it is worth a little more thought. Most bathrooms really only need a small bin. Larger bins are really only suitable for the biggest of bathrooms.

Plastic or Steel?

Bathroom bins will either come in plastic or stainless steel. Plastic bins are going to be much cheaper than something made from steel. The plastic bin will of course do the job but the disadvantages are they are light, may move around on the floor and will not last as long.

Stainless steel bins will last longer, are heavy so will not move about on the floor and will last for a number of years. Generally speaking they also have a much nicer appearance, but they will cost a great deal more.

Flip Lid or Pedal Operation

It is always interesting to read about buyers disagreeing on whether a pedal bin is better than a flip lid. They both have their good and bad points.

With a pedal bin, you don't have to actually touch the bin and that suggests it makes the bit more hygienic to use. A simple foot operation opens the lid and you just need to drop in the rubbish and remove your foot. Some poorly designed models will push the lid back too far and it can hit a wall. On some pedal bins the bin is too small.

With flip bins the lid sits on top and flips in on either side, which does cut the entrance of the bin in half. It is also worth noting that half of the lid goes into the bin and that reduces the capacity of the bin. It isn't a huge consideration but worth noting. Some people don't like having to bend over and push the lid in.

Fitting Bags

Many people like to have a bin liner inside their bathroom bin. This helps keep the actual bin clean, but more importantly makes throwing the rubbish out a great deal easier. The better brands will have their own bags designed to fit the bags, but these are usually more expensive to buy than a standard bin liner size.

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