Ansio Dehumidifier UK Reviews 2023

By  Enda McLarnon

The Ansio Dehumidifiers are one of the biggest selling items online in the UK. There are thousands of online buyer reviews, and that is always a sure sign, that a product is selling really well.

So far, based on all those buyer reviews it has a very good 90% buyer satisfaction rating, which overall is a very good online buyer rating.

These are small internal use only dehumidifiers, that can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, wardrobes, drawers, utility rooms etc. They can also be used in holiday homes, garages, sheds, caravans and boats to help deal with condensation and moisture.

Their main purpose is to to remove dampness and humidity from the air in your home.

There are  any number of this type of mini dehumidifier available on the UK market. The Ansio products do seem to catch the eye, as they sell well, and the vast majority of buyers give them a very good rating. 

-enda mclarnon

Online Buyer Satisfaction

  • Overall it gets a buyer satisfaction rating of 90% which is very good
  • About 67% of all buyers gave these Ansio dehumidifiers a 5 star review
  • Only 4% of buyers gave this a poor review

What Online Buyers Said

We have summarised what those buyers have to say just below


  • Most buyers said that the quality was very good and they noticed a big difference within a few days
  • Buyers Liked to do these around the home, and they said it removed access humidity and removed condensation
  • Buyers liked the fact that there was no noise and that they didn't leak so meant they were maintenance free
  • Quite a few buyers said they have bought these over and over again to effectively control condensation


  • 4% gave these a bad review and the main reason for that was that they said they just didn't work
  • A few buyers didn't like the fact that the holder was made from hard plastic


Overall most buyers were happy with their purchase. The number of buyer complaints about this product are very low, and that is always a very good sign.

Ansio Dehumidifier Review
  • These come in a pack of 5 so as they can be spread around the home
  • They use hydrophilic to draw and retain moisture from the air. This helps counteract condensation, damp rooms, allergens in the air, mould, mildew and also helps reduce odours
  • Each small crystal absorbs up to 3 times it's own weight in water

Product Rating Summary

There are plenty of choices available for this type of mini dehumidifier. This one works well enough and is priced sensibly. For under £8 you get a 5 pack, and those can last anything between 4-6 weeks.

Easy to Use

Buyers agree that these are very easy to setup and nothing to do once that is done


The vast majority of buyers said these did a very good job, and results within 1-2 days


These cost about a £1 a week to have and will save a great deal more in the long term.

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