Pavillo Airbed UK Review

By  Enda McLarnon

Pavillo Airbed UK Review - Fast Inflation Outdoor Camping Mattress

Thanks for taking your time to read our UK review of the popular and best selling Pavillo airbed quick inflation outdoor camping air mattress.

This is an affordable quick inflation camping mattress ideal for outdoor camping.

It is a dark blue colour. This airbed is available as a single, double, Queen and King. We have included the sizes below in a table to make it easier to see the sizes.

The key benefits for many online buyers is that you can inflate this mattress by hand pump and really quickly. It also has a quick release valve to deflate quickly, so as you can then pack it and move on. It will be easier of course to use an electric pump if you happen to own one of those.

It is made from a vinyl material so easy to wipe clean, and it uses a coil beam construction that offers support and comfort.

Who Buys the Pavillo Airbed?

This airbed mattress has been designed primarily for outdoor camping.

  •  A few buyers have used this for a lazy day at the beach. It is however not suitable for taking into the sea, so don't be tempted to do that.
  • Some buyers get this for a guest bedroom. Just be aware that you can't plug this one into a socket and pump it up.
  • Other buyers purchase this for temporary sleeping arrangements such as sleep overs with friends
  • In the main though this is used for camping, for festivals, weekend breaks and various types of outdoor activities.

Pavillo Airbed Size & Weight Chart


Size (cm)


Support Weight


185 x 76 x 22

1.72 kg

up to 227 kg (36 stones)


190.5 x 137.2 x 21.6

3.08 kg

up to 295 kg (46.5 stones)


203 x 152 x 28

3.82 kg

up to 295 kg (46.5 stones)


203 x 183 x 28

4.3 kg

up to 300 kg (47 stones)

The dimensions above are from the manufacturer. They refer to the airbed when it is flat. Please be aware that when he airbed gets inflated, then these measurements will be slightly less.

For example the double is described as 137.2 cm wide, but when inflated it is 125.1 cm wide.

How Buyers Rate the Pavillo Airbed

Buyer Satisfaction

We calculated our ratings using this logical method. We studied those websites that sell these types of airbeds. Buyers there leave a rating in some format, usually as a star rating, and sometimes as a score out of either 5, 10 or 100.

We make a note of these, and then calculate the average rating. We then express that as a percentage. We then use the table below as a general rating guide.

  • 90-100% is an excellent rating
  • 81-89% is a very good rating
  • 71-79% is a good rating
  • 61-69% is satisfactory
  • <60% is a poor rating

Here are the ratings for this product

  • Overall online buyers gave this product an 86% buyer satisfaction rating which is a very good rating
  • 63% of all online buyers gave this a full 5 star rating
  • 6% of all buyers gave this a bad rating

What Buyers Say About the Pavillo Airbed

We now know how buyers rated this product, and now we take a closer look at what buyers had to say. The people who bought this, not only left a rating, but some of them also left reviews and comments.

Based on reader feedback, we have found that the best way to present these is in the form of a Pros & Cons table, which we have shown below.


  • Most buyers said this is comfortable to sleep on
  • Many heavier buyers said it can handle their weight without deflating
  • Buyers said that it is easy and fast to inflate, and easy to deflate and put away
  • In general buyers thought the price point was affordable and suited their pockets
  • Buyers said a good choice for temporary use and for camping or hiking


  • Some buyers said that it deflated on them overnight
  • Some buyers said it is made from flimsy vinyl
  • A few buyers received a faulty product
  • Doesn't come with a pump
  • Doesn't come with a storage bag


86% buyer satisfaction based on 3,000+ online buyer ratings


86% buyer satisfaction based on 3,000+ online buyer ratings


85% buyer satisfaction based on 3,000+ online buyer ratings


84% buyer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer ratings

Best Way to Inflate the Pavillo Airbed

There are a few ways to inflate these types of air mattress. We have listed those below:

  • Using an electric pump is the fastest and easiest - BOMPOW Electric Pump
  • Using a foot or hand pump is the next best - Intex Double Quick II Hand Pump
  • Using your mouth but we don't recommend this as buyers said it makes you light headed and is painfully slow

If you already have a pump then you may be able to use that if it fits the connection on this mattress. Most pumps come with a few adapters and one of those should fit this one.

The valve opening on this mattress is about 1 cm wide but you can take it off and then its about 1.5-2 cms.

Our Opinion of the Pavillo Airbed


Buyers are divided in opinion with around 1 in 5 buyers saying the quality is poor


Buyers overall say this does last a long time though around 10% say it doesn't


The majority of buyers agree that this is affordable and it is a best seller.

There are plenty of these types of air mattress available on the UK market. The key thing that makes this one a best seller is down to the price point. This type of product is used as a temporary sleeping place, where you can be comfortable for a few nights.

It is not designed as a long term sleeping solution.

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