Silentnight Finesse Pillow Review

By  Enda McLarnon

UK Review of the Silentnight Finesse Pillow

If you are looking for high quality pillows from a well known and trusted brand, then this "Finesse collection," might well be the best ones for you. They are made from polyester, are the standard 70 x 45 cm size, and come with a 2-year guarantee.

Most UK buyers will be pretty familiar with the brand "Silentnight." They are best known for their affordable prices, and also for a consistently good quality of product. There are a lot of reviews about these pillows. Over all buyers rate them as a 4.2 out of 5 star product, which they have maintained constantly.

Silentnight Finesse Pillow Reviews

What Buyers Say About the Silentnight Finesse Pillows

At the time of writing this review, there were over 50 buyer reviews, that we had the opportunity to read and understand. When we had done that, we put together a summary. This is shown below and is based on the star ratings given to this popular bedding item. People who buy these, use them and then leave a review do so using a star rating system.

On this system 5 stars is the highest and 1 star is the lowest. below we have summarised what percentage of buyers gave the various amount of stars. Overall the average rating for these Silentnight Finesse pillows is 4.2 out of 5 stars. Now for the breakdown...​

54 %
24 %
13 %
4 %
5 %

From this you can easily and quickly see that just over half of all buyers rated these as a 5 star product. 78% in total rated them as 4 stars or higher. At the lower end of the scale 5 of every 100 buyers rated these just a single star.

What Buyers Didn't Like About the Silentnight Finesse Pillow

​If the percentage of 1 stars is low, I normally do not get that concerned. As you can see from the above information, that figure is low at 5%, but nonetheless worth a closer look. Here is what the three out of 50+ buyers said.

One buyer said she loved it but her husband hated it as it was too soft. Another said it was just too hard for her, and one other buyer said the pillow was too high.

This is typical type of feedback for nay pillows. The same pillow is just not right for every single person. What is clear though, is that the huge majority of buyers thought these were very good.

What Buyers Did Like About the Silentnight Finesse Pillow

Silentnight Finesse Pillows Reviews

These are certainly best classed as a soft to medium type of pillow. At around £34 for the pair, they are certainly not a cheap option. Most buyers did think however that they represented good value for money.

You can buy these as a single pillow only, or as a pair, so just be careful if you are considering making a purchase. These will fit into a normal pillowcase, but they will be a snug fit.

Silentnight Finesse Pillows Specification

For those who like more detail, then we have a specification below, on these popular and affordable set of 2 pillows.

  • Each pillow is white and has the standard pillow size of 70 x 45 cm x 10 cm
  • Each pillow weighs 0.6 Kg
  • The filling is hollow fibre
  • The material is 98% polyester and 2% Elastine (Allows for some stretch)
  • You can wash these in a washing machine
  • They come with a 2-year guarantee
  • These are suitable to fit standard size pillow cases

It is always a hard thing to find the exact pillow to match your own sleeping comfort. It can be even harder to find a set of pillows that both people are happy with. Some are too thin and hard, others too soft and bouncy. According to buyers these sit somewhere in the middle.

So if you need a hard pillow, these are no good for you. Likewise if you like a large soft pillow, I would also avoid these. They sit right in the middle, and are classed as being soft, but supportive.

Our Verdict on the Silentnight Finesse Pillows

With an RRP of £33.99, and an average buyer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, these are a good buy. These also have an exterior quilting effect, which does add a little bit of luxury to the pillows. That means you don't need pillow protectors.

The fact that you can also stick these in the washing machine, means that you can wash them as often as you want, and they will not lose their softness.

According to buyers these also plump up really well, and quite quickly, after sleeping on them overnight. That's good if you like to have a well made bed.

Overall the buyer ratings on these are good, and the big majority of buyers like what they have purchased. They look well, offer comfort and support. As you can machine wash them, that makes them a great deal easier to keep clean.

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