Top 10 Best Pop Up Tents

When most people buy a pop up tent, it is mainly for use at the beach. They are also handy when going to festivals, or even for trips to the park. Many buyers use them for their kids in the back garden when it gets particularly sunny.

There are many uses for this style of tent and they include fishing, picnics, backpacking, hiking and kids love to use them as indoor playhouses as well.

On the beach they offer protection from the sun's UV rays and also can help keep adults and children out of the direct sunlight. That is of course important when the sun is at its highest and hottest. On the beach pop up tents also help a lot with protecting users from the wind, and also from the sand blowing.

It is a really useful thing to have if you bring your baby or toddlers to the beach. Likewise some people will use these to keep their dogs that little bit cooler.

One other benefit worth mentioning is that they can offer privacy for people getting changed at the beach. Most of these tents are not that tall as they are designed to sit in. That said with a little dexterity the task of getting changed can still be achieved and at least your privacy is assured.

Top 10 Pop Up Tent List by Buyer Rating

1st Rated
no 1 rated pop up tent

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No 1 - Zenoplige Pop Up Tent

  • This is a 1 Kg lightweight pop up tent that comes with a carry bag
  • It is ideal for backpacking, camping, the beach or your back garden
  • Opens in one second
  • It has 2 large side mesh windows for ventilation
  • The tent is lined with a UPF 50+ UV protective material and waterproof fabric
  • The structure is stable and uses a flat wire pole and 6 pegs
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
2nd Rated
no 2 rated pop up tent

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No 2 - BIFY Pop-up Beach Tent

  • This BIFY branded beach tent can be used for the beach but also for fishing, picnics etc
  • It is a pop-up tent so no assembly required
  • It measures 65 x 59 x 40 and is available in either blue or green
  • It is suitable for 2-3 people
  • The tent is made from 170T silver-coated polyester fabric
  • This UV beach tent has a curtain in its back, with mesh for ventilation, and the door can also be opened.
3rd Rated
no 3 rated pop up beach tent

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No 3 - CeeKii Outdoor Automatic Pop Up Baby Beach Tent

  • This pop up tent comes with a mini pool
  • It also has UV protection and SPF 50+
  • Comes with a detached roll-up shade on the back
  • Extremely quick to assemble with automatic pop up and can be set up in seconds with 4 pegs
  • This tent can be hand washed
  • It comes with a zippered carrying bag
  • Measures 47.5* 31.5* 27.5 inch
  • Suitable for children under 3 years of age
4th Rated
no 4 rated pop up tent

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No 4 - Active Era Pop Up Beach Tent

  • This beach tent is lined with a UPF 50+ UV protective material
  • This tent has an automatic pop-up design
  • This model offers shelter from summer winds and sand pockets
  • The pegs keep the tent safely weighted down to the ground
  • It has an open door design and rear mesh window for ventilation
  • It weighs 0.98 Kg and packs away into a small 45 x 45 x 3 cm bag
5th Rated
no 5 rated pop up tent

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No 5 - Instant Automatic Pop Up Tent

  • This pop-up beach tent opens automatically in seconds so no assembly is required
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • It comes with 8 steel ground stakes and 4 ropes in order to to provide better stability in the windy days.
  • This tent has double doors allowing either side to be completely open or closed
  • There is a curtain at the back with mesh for ventilation and offers good insect control
  • There is also a mesh design on the tent top
  • It is made from 210D oxford tent fabric
  • The poles are made from fibre glass
  • The tent has a silver coated polyester fabric around the full coverage to ensure that the coverage area of Anti-UV effects, offering comfortable space for you.
6th Rated
no 6 rated pop up tent

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No 6 - BFULL Outdoor Automatic Pop up Beach Tent

  • This pop up tent is suitable for 1 or 2 persons
  • Weighs 2.2 lbs
  • It offers SPF 50 UV protection
  • This tent is also watertight.
  • This sun tent has a curtain on the back, with mesh for ventilation and helps stop insects getting in
  • The tent also has a door in its front which can be closed ​which is good for privacy
  • The beach tent comes with 10 steel ground stakes and 4 ropes in order to to provide better stability on the windy days.
7th Rated
no 7 rated pop up tent

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No 7 - SLB Pop up Beach Tent

  • This is a U protected beach tent that automatically pops up in seconds
  • This tent uses flat wire for the frame that helps withstand bending
  • The tent is covered with a special silver coated polyester fabric that make it water repellent and protects you from 95% of UVA and UVB rays
  • This tent measures 200 cm x165 cm x 130 cm and that makes it a big pop up tent
  • It will hold up to 3 adults or 5 kids
  • It has 3 extra fine mesh windows which helps with air circulation, great for ventilation and keeping insects out
  • It comes with 6 pegs and 4 built-in sand pockets
  • It also has 2 large mesh bags for easy storage of your belongings
8th Rated
no 8 rated pop up tent

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No 8 - BestFire Outdoor Automatic Pop up Tent

  • This pop up tent will keep 90% UV far away from you. It is suitable for 2-3 people and measures 165 x 150 x 110 cm
  • It comes in a carry bag with handles
  • Simply pop up when ready to use, and then fold it back down to store, no assembly required
  • It has a mesh window for ventilation and also has inner pockets and a hanging loop inside the tent keeps belongings safe and organized
9th Rated
no 9 rated pop up tent

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No 9 - Active Era Upgraded Large 2 Person Pop Up Tent

  • This is a spacious 2-person pop-up tent
  • It is water resistant
  • It is made from a durable outer fabric and has a groundsheet for greater comfort
  • It also has a ventilation window with zipper system
  • The tents has been double sewn and taped
  • It has been made with a breathable fabric to ensure a comfortable night's sleep.
10th Rated
no 10 rated pop up tent

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No 10 - Yellowstone Waterproof Fast Pitch Pop Up Tent

  • This is a pop up tent with quick pitching in a few seconds
  • It comes with attached guy lines
  • It also has an integral groundsheet
  • It is fire retardent
  • It measures 220 x 120 x 95 cm
  • Suitable for 1-2 people