Campfeuer Tunnel Tent UK Review

By  Enda McLarnon

Thanks for taking your time to read our review of the campfeuer tunnel tent.

The Campfeuer tunnel tent is a typical high quality German brand tent in the classic tunnel structure. It has a hydrostatic head height of 5000 mm (16 feet) and is available in an olive green colour.

Those buyers who have purchased this tent rate this product highly. Overall they have given this model a 90% buyer satisfaction, which is a consistently very good rating, over a long period of time.

When fully assembled this tent measures 480 x 340 x 190 cm (15.7 x 11.15 x 6.2 feet) Like any good tent it comes with a groundsheet, and also has a moveable front wall.

campfeuer tunnel tent opened

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How Buyers Rate the Campfeuer?

We found just over 100 online buyer reviews on which we have based this information.

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall these have received an online buyer rating of 90%
  • 68% of those buyers have given these a full 5 star rating
  • 4% of all buyers gave these a bad rating

Our Online Buyers Ratings Explained

When doing our research, we check the various websites that sell this type of baby care product. We make a note of the ratings, and from those we calculate an average score, which we mark out of 100%

  • 90-100% - This is an excellent rating
  • 80-89% - This is a very good rating
  • 70-79% - This is a good rating though buyers should be wary of poor reviews
  • 60-69% - This is an average rating but we would not recommend products in this range
  • Less than 60% - we don’t recommend products lower than 60% ever as they are low quality

The product name has a 90% buyer satisfaction, so overall an excellent rating.

What Buyers Say About this Tunnel Tent

When doing our research, we also make note of the most common comments that are made, both the good ones and the bad ones. We then show those to our readers by using an easy to read Pros and Cons table which you can read just below.


  • The overall buyer satisfaction is an excellent rating
  • The majority of buyers said that the bedrooms are a good size with plenty of room
  • Overall buyers said this was easy to assemble
  • Buyers were pleased that the tent is light and it feels spacious and airy
  • Buyers liked the windows and the overall design


  • The number of poor reviews is very low
  • A few buyers said that this struggled in high winds
  • Some buyers said this wasn't great quality

Campfeuer Tunnel Tent Information

In this section we give you the important information about the actual tent. We find that most buyers want to know the important information. You will find that below.

  • Taped Seams - the seams have been taped and as most campers will know that is all about keeping the water out, and keeping you dry
  • Carry Bag -  the tent comes with a carrying bag and when inside that it measures 64 x 23 cm (3 x 2 feet approx). The bag simply keeps everything together and makes life easier when packing into the car or on your motor bike
  • Material - This tent is made from 100% polyester and the groundsheet is made from polyethylene
  • Standing room - It is up to around 6 feet, and if you are any taller than that, then you will have to bend a little
  • Groundsheet - Each bedroom compartment is sealed individually with a built in groundsheet, and there is also a larger separate groundsheet

Our Verdict on the Campfeuer Tunnel Tent

  • This is a good family sized tent that overall gets very good buyer reviews
  • We think it is probably too big to use at something like a festival, but will work for most other camping
  • It is made by a popular tent manufacturer in Germany and the overall build quality is excellent
  • A couple of buyers mentioned that it might not be the perfect choice in strong winds.

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