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Active Era Upgraded Large 2 Person Pop Up Tent Review

By  Enda McLarnon

Active Era Upgraded Large 2 Person Pop Up Tent Review

no 9 rated pop up tent

Thanks for taking the time to read our UK review of the very popular instant Active Era upgraded large 2 person pop up tent. This model is well priced online and you can find this one for under £40.

That is higher that the average price for most pop up tents. Mainly that price difference is down to the fact that this tent is extremely well made.

  • This is a spacious 2-person pop-up tent
  • It is water resistant
  • It is made from a durable outer fabric and has a groundsheet for greater comfort
  • It also has a ventilation window with zipper system
  • The tents has been double sewn and taped
  • It has been made with a breathable fabric to ensure a comfortable night's sleep.
  • The groundsheet ensures your tent stays dry
  • It is fire resistant certified
  • comes with 8 tent pegs and 4 guy ropes
  • The tent is made from 190T polyester material
  • It weighs 1.8 Kg
  • There are integrated door and window straps that allow you to easily open up the front of the tent
  • The guy ropes are adjustable
  • It has a built in window

Active Era 2 Person Pop Up Tent Pros and Cons


  • 63% of all buyers gave this pop up tent a 5 star review 
  • Buyers said this tent is quick to set up and easy enough to take down
  • Buyers said this tent is great for short getaways
  • Buyers said this is much bigger than most small pop up beach tents
  • Buyers said it is not 100% waterproof but good enough in lighter showers


  • 16% of all buyers so far gave this a bad review
  • Some buyers said this was no good in bad weather
  • Some buyers said that the rods bent and warped
  • Some buyers said it just leaks when any rain happens
Active Era® Upgraded Large 2 Person Pop Up Tent

Our Verdict on the Active Era Upgraded Large 2 Person Pop Up Tent


  • There are over 100 online reviews for this pop up tent so it sells pretty well
  • Buyers have given this model a 76% buyer satisfaction rating which is excellent
  • Buyers liked the larger capacity of this particular model as it just gave them a lot more room
  • They said that it was OK in lighter rain showers but not as effective in heavy rain or down pours
  • The ventilation works well
  • Buyers did like the privacy features of this tent

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