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Best Plunger

Best Plungers for Toilet, SinksBaths and ShowersIn this article I am going to review the best plungers to use for blocked sinks, blocked baths, blocked showers and also for blockages in toilets.  Now, I don’t know of anyone who has a toilet plunger at the top of their shopping list. It is one of those […]


Monument 1459W Master Plunger Review

Monument 1459W Master Plunger Review – Save Money on Plumber CostsThis is my UK review of the Monument 1459W Master Plunger. This is one of the best selling bathroom and kitchen plungers that are currently available on the UK market. Rather than be hit with a massive plumber’s bill, a plunger like this can probably do […]


Luigi’s Toilet Plunger Review

Luigi’s Toilet Plunger ReviewDon’t Call The Plumber – Use LuigiThis is my UK review of the Luigi’s plunger. Save money on calling out a plumber and try this first to unblock toilets the easy and effective way. 88% of all UK buyers said this unusual type of plunger worked like a dream.Flushing any type of […]