Best Cleaner for Artificial Grass UK 2024

By  Enda McLarnon

In this article we explain the best cleaner for artificial grass. The vast majority of these artificial grass cleaners come in a concentrate form which you dilute down with water. You can then spray the affected areas of your artificial grass, leave on for about 20 minutes and then rinse off and allow to dry.

These artificial glass cleaners can clean stains, remove bad odours, deodorise and disinfect artificial grass. This type of artificial turf is used for patios, artificial lawns, artificial bowling greens and even football pitches. In some cases this may be called Astro turf.

For anyone with dogs in the home, you will be aware that doing their business on the artificial grass is a very common thing. If you have more than one dog then this can be a serious problem.

The odours from both cat and dog urine and faeces can very quickly become overpowering with a very strong smell of ammonia. The cleaners are made to help deodorise and remove odours and as such taking care of that problem.

Most of them also disinfect the impacted area. They are particularly good at getting rid of pet waste smells and stains. As these are enzyme cleaaners they are very good at breaking down stains and removing odour.

My Top 3 Picks

1. Best Seller- Artificial Grass Cleaner

Pro-Kleen Artificial Grass Cleaner for Dogs and Pet Friendly Cruelty Free Disinfectant with Deodoriser

This is the best artificial grass cleaner online and is a good choice for anyone with pets and is the best seller in the UK.

It is a disinfectant and deodoriser and good at removing odours

This is a 1 litre jar which is diluted down at a 10:1 ratio so makes up to 10 litres

You can apply this to your artificial grass using a pump sprayer or watering can and leave for 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. 


  • 57% of all online buyers give this cleaner a 5 star review
  • Buyers say this cleans extremely well and leaves a nice scent as long as it is used regularly
  • Buyers say this does a really good job of keeping the grass free from moss
  • Buyers say they think this is very good value for money


  • 3% of buyers said this cleaner was poor
  • A few buyers thought this was too expensive

Check Amazon UK - Price when reviewed £8.50 - 84% buyer satisfaction based on 4,000+ online buyer reviews

2. Dirtbusters Pet artificial grass cleaner

Dirtbusters Pet Artificial Grass Cleaner

Some UK buyers prefer the Dirtbuster's brand of artificial grass cleaner. This is a 5 litre container which can be diluted on a 2:1 ratio so will make up to 15 litres of cleaner

This product cleans, deodorises and leaves grass smelling clean and fresh with a fragrance of geranium and chamomile

Once used then rinse and allow it to dry for 20 minutes before walking on it again.


  • 61% of all online buyers gave this a 5 star review
  • Buyers say it does a good cleaning job
  • Buyers say that it takes 20 minutes to work and you may need to scrub the really bad spots
  • Many buyers say the smell from this is very nice


  • 2% of all buyers gave this a poor review
  • A few buyers said this is a very expensive option

Check Amazon UK - Price when reviewed £8.50 - 86% buyer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer reviews

3. Pro Pooch Artificial Grass Cleaner

Pro Pooch Artificial Grass Cleaner

This particular artificial grass cleaner is specifically made to kill harmful bacteria and neutralise odour specific to dog faeces

It is a 1 litre bottle with a 10:1 dilution ratio so can make up to 10 litres

This is made by a trusted UK brand who use quality ingredients and is certified, safe.

It works well for deep stain removal and has a fresh newly cut grass scent


  • 52% of all online buyers gave this a 5 star review
  • Buyers say this cleans quickly and has a nice after scent
  • Buyers say this is very good value for money
  • Many buyers buy this because it is made in the UK


  • 6% of all buyers gave this a poor review
  • A few buyers say it works but doesn't last long

Check Amazon UK - Price when reviewed £8.09 - 82% buyer satisfaction based on 3,500+ online buyer reviews

Spear & Jackson 5LPAPS Pump Action Pressure Sprayer

Spear & Jackson 5 Litre Pump Action Pressure Sprayer

There are plenty of ways to add a cleaner to your grass such as a watering can or a garden hose set on a sprinkler setting

Many buyers prefer a small pump pressure sprayer and this is the one they buy as it gives a more controlled distribution of the spray

This is a good investment and can always be used for other tasks.

This one is great value for money and gets excellent reviews


  • 72% of all online buyers gave this a 5 star review
  • Buyers like the 5 litre size as it holds enough to do a full clean of most areas
  • Buyers say the pump action is easy to use and it has an adjustable nozzle
  • Many buyers say this is very good value for money and works great


  • 2% of all buyers gave this a poor review
  • A few buyers say they don't like the strap as it can fall off the shoulder
  • A few buyers say the strap could be longer

Check Amazon UK - Price when reviewed £12.73 - 90% buyer satisfaction based on 40,000+ online buyer reviews

Artificial Grass Cleaner Full Buyer's Guide

We always like to include a full buyer's guide for UK buyers so as they can be fully informed about the various features that go to make up a good artificial grass cleaner.

We know this will help you out a lot if you are unsure as to what you need to do.

What is artificial grass made from?

Artificial grass is also known as synthetic grass. It is made of plastic pellets and colours, additives and UV stabilisers are then added to those pellets. These are all melted together and pushed out through a perforated steel plate.

These strands then go into water which makes synthetic grass solid. The rollers stretch the strands until they become very thin like real grass. This ends up looking like yarn which is then pushed through a tufting machine. This machine cuts the ends to make it appear like grass blades.

This is then stuck on to a backing material and small holes inserted for drainage. It comes in various levels of quality and is used for many surfaces such as bowling greens, football pitches, putting greens, playgrounds, and around the home and yard.

The reason we mention this is that you are essentially cleaning plastic with artificial colouring.

How to clean if you have pets

Mainly we are talking about after a pet does its business. It's not the nicest topic to discuss but a necessary one. For solid pet waste, you should allow it to dry and then remove as you would on any other surface. You should also remove any other debris.

For stubborn stains you should spot treat with a disinfectant cleaner following their instructions. You can also use white vinegar if you don't have cleaner.

With pet urine it can often be hard to detect exactly where it has happened. If you do know then spot treat as described above. If not, it is best to give the general grass area a quick wash down with some water and disinfectant cleaner.

Dog urine and cat urine are the easiest to find as they do have particularly foul odours known as strong toxic ammonia smell. That may be slightly harder with puppies or kittens.

Never use pressure washers to do this as they are too strong and will damage the grass and backing. A hose is ok for this type of general cleaning on some type of sprinkler setting.

The small hand pumps seems to be the preferred option of many home owners as it gives you more control as to where the actual cleaner needs to go. Many home owners make up a mix of the cleaner in one of these.

That allows them to treat spots as and when they happen, and it can then be used for a general monthly clean. Using any type of artificial grass cleaner helps kill bacteria and stops almost anything from growing on the turf. It also leaves a nice scent and all of these are now child and pet-friendly too.

Make sure that you grass has proper drainage and that the backing holes are not blocked up with something like dirt or pet hair. This will really help prevent the smell of dog urine if it can drain away easily.

You should also never use any type of weed killer on this type of artificial lawn or turf.

How to use an Artificial Grass Cleaner?

One thing is very important to understand about these cleaners. A lot of buyers think that they can use this once and are finished. That is really never going to be the case and these cleaners need to be used regularly.

The logic is of course that dogs and most cats will continue to soil the artificial grass and as such it will need constant cleaning. It is actually not ideal to have artificial grass and pets and many home owners regret having it installed in the first place.

It does of course have many benefits but when there are pets around, there will likely be regular clean up jobs to do. When finished with the cleaner it is always a good idea to rinse it off with clean water. Many people will use a stiff brush to give it a final cleaning.

Resources use to help write this article

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