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Rolson Alarm Padlock Review

By  Enda McLarnon

The Rolson 66857 Alarm Padlock sells well in online stores, and online buyers have given this padlock an 85% buyer satisfaction rating, which overall is a very good online buyer rating.

Like any alarm padlock, it serves two purposes. Firstly the padlock makes it more difficult for thieves to break in, and secondly should they persist, triggers an alarm if the padlock is interfered with.

Buyers said the lock was strong, and that the siren is certainly loud enough to send any potential thieves running.

Padlocks with any type of alarm cost around £8-£20, depending on the quality, and mainly on the length of the shackle, with longer shackles being slightly more expensive.

This Rolson model costs on average £11-£12 depending on where you make your purchase.

-enda mclarnon

Online Buyer Satisfaction

  • Overall it gets a buyer satisfaction rating of 85% which is very good
  • About 2/3 of all buyers gave this Rolson padlock a 5 star review
  • Around 10% of buyers gave this a poor review

What Online Buyers Said

We have summarised what those buyers have to say just below


  • Most buyers said that the quality was good
  • Buyers said the alarm is loud enough and effective
  • The buyers said it is sensitive enough to work, but not that sensitive that you get false alarms
  • Quite a few buyers of this alarm were bike owners and they said this was a good choice for them


  • The majority of complaints are about changing the batteries - buyers said it was almost impossible to remove the screws as they were far too tight 
  • A few buyers said it stopped working when it rained on it a few times


Overall most buyers were happy with their purchase. 1 in 10 buyers did have genuine problems opening the battery area, when the batteries needed to be changed.

rolson padlock with an alarm
  • This alarm comes with 3 keys
  • It has a 100 decibel twin tone siren alarm padlock
  • The alarm sounds for 10 seconds if activated and will reset after thirty five seconds without a trigger
  • It comes supplied with six LR44 button cell batteries
  • It measures 4 × 14 × 17 cm and has a nice weight to it

Product Rating Summary

There are plenty of choices available for this type of padlock. This one works well enough and is priced sensibly. The lock is good quality and can be used for sheds, garages, bikes etc.


Buyers agree that the lock is good quality and very well made.


At 100 decibels, this is more than loud enough to scare off burglars


It sits in the low to medium price so good enough value for money.

Enda McLarnon

I manage this UK product review website. Our team of writers produce independent reviews that help you decide which is the best product for you. All of our writers live and work in the UK, so the information we write is directly related to our readers

Enda McLarnon

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