How We Write Our Reviews

Welcome to the Man in the Shed UK website. On this page we explain how we go about doing our reviews and how we make our recommendations.

Our Simple Ethos

We will never promote a product within a review in order to obtain benefit of a financial or promotional nature. We think that would be the wrong thing to do and we really like our own independence.

Products are mentioned within reviews in order to offer our readers unbiased advice on the best products currently available on the UK market.

How we do our Reviews?

We are a small team so we could never buy every single product and test it. We do what we believe to be the next best thing and that is to conduct our own research.

We do all of our research predominantly online. Many websites will sell a range of products. We visit those websites and collect as much information as we can. That will include buyer ratings where they are available.

We then calculate an average buyer satisfaction rating which we mark out of 100%. We will refer to that in the individual review as our benchmark score.

We also read as many reviews as we can, and make notes of the most common comments that online buyers make. We then summarise those as what buyers liked and what buyers didn't like about a certain product.

Sometimes we present that information in a Pros and Cons table for ease of reading.

By following those guidelines we always express the general opinion of buyers online.

We do own and use some of the products shown on our website. When that is the case we will state that and state our independent thoughts.

Do we Update our Reviews?

We update reviews on a monthly basis as we know that old information is not useful to our readers. That ensures that products are available and that pricing is accurate.

It is worth pointing out though that pricing can change during sale's offers and exclusive deals. Always shop around.

Do we do Paid Reviews?

No, we don't and we never will. Our independence is very important to us, and we want to keep it like that now and always.