Help With Picking the Best Memory Foam Pillows For a Good Night's Sleep

Not being able to get comfortable, and have a decent night's sleep is a major problem for people up and down the UK. That of course can cause many other problems, as lack of sleep is not good for either your physical or mental health and well being.

Your bed and in particular the mattress that you are lying on contribute a lot to this. The other major part is of course your pillow. If you get the right pillow, you solve a huge part of the problem. This article reviews the top 5 memory foam pillows, currently available in the United Kingdom.

If you have never tried one, then now is as good a time as any, to give them a go. Many people have turned to these, and have been impressed with the results. They offer great support, keep their shape unlike many other types of pillow, and they also allow you to stay warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

This is a long article and some of you may not have time to read all of this article. If that is the case and you simply want to know what the best memory foam pillow is, then according to the majority of online buyers, it is the Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow, currently available at Amazon UK. This one comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

For those of you who do have a little more time to read this article, we will take you through what we believe to be the top 5 memory foam pillows, on the market right now. We read all the online reviews and find out how real life buyers rate their purchase, and also what they have to say about it.

We then collect and summarise all this information, and present it in an easy to read format. There are hundreds of these in the market, so we narrow it down to the top 5, according to buyer satisfaction ratings. That should  help save you some time rather than having to search through each individual pillow, and do all of that research yourself.

We are an Amazon Affiliate and we do get a small commission if you buy a pillow through any of our links. That helps keep this website running, and allows us to provide this useful information, and keep it updated. Please note this does not have any influence on the actual price you pay for this at Amazon UK.

One of the easiest ways to present this information is to have a simple comparison table. We have shown that below and it includes the name and current Amazon information, the online buyer satisfaction rating, that we have researched, and then the main pros and cons. Hopefully you will find that offers a great snapshot, of the information at a glance.

Underneath the table, we have completed an individual review on each pillow. Underneath that you will find a buyer's guide to memory foam pillows, and also how to care for and look after them.

Top 5 Buyer Rated Memory Foam Pillows - Comparison Table


Buyer Rating







60 x 40 x 12

72 x 50.8 x 12.7

61 x 36 x 11

68.2 x 44.6 x 12.6

65 x 32 x 16


Evenly supports the neck, very soft and holds its shape

Holds its shape and offers solid neck support

Comfortable and easy to keep clean

Firm pillow and good for side and back sleepers

A soft to medium choice and very affordable


Hard pillow and some said they did not like the bamboo smell

Pillow was too small and had a strong smell

Buyers said the pillow was too high, and had a strong smell.

Buyers said the pillow was too thin, and that it took too long to get used to it.

Too soft and light for some buyers

Individual Memory Foam Pillow Reviews

In this section, we do an individual review on each of these, so as you can find out more about each one. Underneath these is the buying guide and pillow care tips.

Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow Review

This one came out as our number one choice, thanks to an excellent 90% buyer satisfaction rating.  This is a triple layered memory foam pillow with a bamboo cover, which is very smooth to the touch, easy to put on and remove, and easy to wash.

Hypoallergenic, dust mite free and anti-bacterial

Helps regulate the temperature as the bamboo cover keeps the air circulating through the pillow

10 year manufacturer warranty and 100% money back guarantee

90% buyer satisfaction based on 4,000 online buyer reviews

This comes as a single pillow which measures 60 x 40 x 12 cm and weighs 1.5 Kg.  It uses what is called visco memory foam designed primarily for comfort, for the head, neck and shoulders. It does this by providing relief to the pressure points around those areas, and allows you to feel relaxed. There are three layers of foam, unlike many others which use just a single layer.

Most doctors and those working on orthopaedics recommend a 3-layer system for the ideal support. The 3 layers also increase the lifespan of the pillow.

This pillow works for both side sleepers, who need to fill the space between their head and shoulder to avoid neck pain on either side of the neck. It also works for back sleepers as you only need this one pillow thanks to this clever design. Event front sleepers have their neck supported with this one.

What Buyers Did Not Like

There really is no "perfect pillow" that suits everyone. Those who complained about this one said, that either did not like the bamboo smell from the pillow case, or though that the pillow was just too hard for them. A few buyers thought it was just too expensive for a single pillow

What Buyers Did Like

The vast majority of buyers (90%) said the pillow was soft to touch, very supportive and held its shape very well. You always get differing opinions as people simply have different expectations of what a good pillow is. Buyers who liked this one said the bamboo smell disappears after 2-3 weeks, and more importantly gave them exactly the right support.

The smell people refer to is part of the chemical process in the factory, which is retained when the pillow is packaged up. When the air gets a chance to circulate through it, that does disappear quite quickly.

Our Thoughts

It does get the highest buyer rating,  but it is expensive for a single pillow. 90% of buyers said it improved their sleep, and many said it helped reduce or remove their neck and shoulder pains.

pillowLY Shredded Memory Foam Pillow For Neck Support & Pain Relief

It is made of CENTRI-PUR memory foam that provides support to your head, neck and shoulders,  and helps relieve pain and improve your sleep.

The Bamboo pillow case is luxury made from bamboo 40% and polyester air layer fabric 60%. This technology will allow the hot air to disperse easily, resulting in your head staying much cooler.

It is hypoallergenic and dust mite, bacteria, allergens, and pet dander resistant.

It comes with a lifetime comfort guarantee against defects

82% buyer satisfaction based on 5,000 online buyer reviews

Snug Single Contour Memory Foam Pillow Review

This one is made in the UK and is a visco elastic memory foam pillow, from the Snug brand.

Good sized pillow with a zipped machine washable cover

It is temperature sensitive, hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites

Mid range price point for memory foam pillows

88% buyer satisfaction based on 2,000 online buyer reviews

This comes as a single pillow which measures 61 x 36 x 11 cm and weighs 1.5 Kg.  The cover is made from what is termed "Coolmax" and essentially that is all about, keeping the head warm in winter, and cooler in the summer, exactly the way that you want it.

With this particular memory foam, they have actually machine cut small channels into it, to help aid ventilation as well. That combined with a cover, that helps keep the head cool, and wick away moisture, make this one comfortable.

It comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. The company are also part of the National Bed Federation. This pillow is described as a medium/soft pillow, and offers a nice support without being too hard.

What Buyers Did Not Like

A number of buyers said that the pillow was too high, and that either made their back pain worse or increased the pain. It is worth mentioning that this was reported by around 10% of buyers. A smaller percentage also said that the pillow made their eyes water.

What Buyers Did Like

86% of buyers liked the pillow and around 10% did not. Quite a few buyers did say that this one does take a few weeks to get used to. It is interesting in that most buyers who said they didn't like it, gave up after a few night's trial. No-one wants to lose too many night's sleep of course, but this one might need some perseverance.

Our Thoughts

It is made in the UK and as such has to meet all the UK standards. It offers a decent enough deal, and the things that people like is that it is a medium pillow, that offers support and holds its shape really well.

Silentnight Impress Deluxe Memory Foam Pillow Review

This one offers what is classed as a firm support, and has been designed to be suitable mainly for side and black sleepers. It comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Hypoallergenic soft to medium memory foam pillow

Machine washable cover and you can use your own pillow covers as well

Bounces back well and holds its shape

Not a good choice for front sleepers

88% buyer satisfaction based on 2,000 online buyer reviews

This comes as a single pillow which measures 68.2 x 44.6 x 12.6 cm and weighs 898 grams.  Some buyers said that this one was too hard. Like the one above though, the majority of buyers also said that this one does take a few weeks to get used to. That thread happened through many reviews. So if you are buying a memory pillow for the first time, it does take some time to make the adjustment.

This pillow works for both side sleepers and back sleepers but not for front sleepers. The majority of buyers liked the pillow and thought it helped them sleep well, once they got used to it.

What Buyers Did Not Like

Some buyers said that the pillow was simply too thin. A very small percentage said they got an allergic reaction, but that was a small number of people.

What Buyers Did Like

79% of all buyers clearly liked this one. It is an airy pillow and buyers said it did a very good job of keeping your head at the right temperature. Overall they found it comfortable and that it offered enough support. The brand is well known and well liked by many UK buyers.

Our Thoughts

Most people know the Silentnight brand, and they sell a lot of bedding including pillows. This one gets good ratings so those that are familiar with the brand, will be happy enough to give this one a try.

Slumberdown Memory Foam Plus Pillow Review

Most UK buyers should be familiar enough with the Slumberdown brand, which is of course a UK brand.

Has a cloud cluster filling with a memory foam wrap that offers firm support but is also very comfortable

Non allergenic

Fits a standard sized pillowcase

Designed for side sleepers

85% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000 online buyer reviews

This comes as a single pillow which measures 65 x 32 x 16 cm and weighs 880 grams.  This one is different to the others on the list as the pillow uses a memory foam wrap, rather then a full memory foam pillow. That allows it to be softer than the standard memory foam type. That will in fact suit many people and also helps a lot to keep the price down.

As you can see this one is by quite a distance the most affordable on the list. It is made in the UK and as I mentioned specifically for those who sleep on their side. If you are a side sleeper then you always need a firm pillow with lots of fillings to support your head and keep your spine aligned. 

What Buyers Did Not Like

Around 8% of buyers said this did not keep its shape and was too light and bouncy. A few said it was simply too soft for their needs.

What Buyers Did Like

The majority of buyers liked heir purchase and said it was firm enough for them, while still maintaining a good degree of softness and that it suited them really well. They also liked the fact that the pillow wasn't too heavy and would move a bit with them, as they tried to get settled for the night.

Our Thoughts

It is the most affordable on the list, and the majority of buyers like what it does for them. It was interesting though that those suffering from neck pain did not mention any difference. People who bought this seemed to be looking for a comfortable pillow, and not necessarily suffering from, any type of back pain, shoulder or neck pain.

Why Choose a Memory Foam Pillow?

The best memory foam pillows are made from a foam that supports your back, shoulders and neck by adapting to your individual shape. They mould to your exact shape, providing a snug cradle for the head when you are sleeping. This can help to minimise neck pain during sleep and aid a restful nights sleep.

Side sleepers, and that is what the majority of us are, need that gap between the head, and the shoulder supported by something. if that something is too soft, then there is little or no support and that is what causes you to wake up with a stiff neck.

Memory foam pillows are much firmer than your normal bog standard pillow, and as such they can offer this support. That can be hard to get used to initially, and most buyers do have to persevere, until they get used to the firmness.


  • The pillow will mould to the shape of your head and neck, giving support and comfort for you
  • Any pressure on your head and neck is reduced through proper support
  • The natural curve of your neck and spine will be supported properly and keep you spine in its natural position
  • Neck and upper back muscles get the chance to fully relax, free from any strain and pressure
  • Most foam pillows are fully hypoallergenic and antibacterial which is great for asthma or allergy sufferers and general hygiene
  • A little help is provided for snoring and Sleep Apnoea by keeping the neck raised but don't expect a full cure. Though they do help to keep the airways clear by keeping the head in the correct position
  • They are available in fancy or traditional pillow shapes, so style isn't a problem
  • Original foam pillows used to cause the head to heat as there was no airflow but the newer model keep your head at the correct temperature, thanks to a better airflow
  • The pillow returns to its shape after use so no "fluffing" is required every morning.

How To Care For Your Memory Foam Pillows

It is very important that you never wash a memory foam pillow. That includes putting it into a washing machine or a tumble dryer. Memory foam is not meant to get wet. If that does happen, the water simply starts to break down the foam, and over time it will fall apart.

Prevention Is the Best Cure

You will have noticed reading through my reviews, that almost all of these pillows come with a waterproof cover. That is the main reason for that. Those can be wiped clean and washed regularly.

It is true that people can be a little naughty. You shouldn't really drink liquids in bed, but it is hard to resist breakfast in bed, so I guess most people are guilty of that from time to time. Spills will happen as sure as the sun comes up each morning.

If that happens to your memory pillow, then get the cover off as quickly as possible, and wash that as normal. Hopefully that will have protected the foam pillow underneath. If anything has leaked on to it or stained it, then dab it with a damp cloth, to remove as much as you can.

Never ever immerse memory foam pillows in water as that will be the end of them.

Air Your Pillow From Time to Time

The best way to care and maintain your pillow is to air it regularly. So when you are changing the pillow cases, then if possible put the pillow outside on a warm day, ideally when there is a breeze. Just let the natural air flow through the pillow to freshen it up.

Summary and Verdict

Hopefully you now know a lot more about memory foam pillows than you did when you started. For the majority of buyers, they seem to do the trick of relieving pains and aches. They also help assist users to get a better night's sleep. They do however take a bit of getting used to, and most people have had success after they have persevered for a few weeks.