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By  Enda McLarnon

Picking the best bag for Dog Walking

Thanks for taking the time to read our article on the best bag to use when walking your dog. There are many people in the UK who walk their dogs in the early morning or the late evening. If you are one of those people, then we know that you probably have had a similar experience to us.

Your pockets can quickly become stuffed with dog treats, poop bags, a ball, wet wipes, sanitizers, water bottles and all your usual items like your phone, house keys etc.

Thankfully, there are now quite a few good bag choices, that dog walkers can use to make this activity a great deal easier.

What Type of Bag Do You Need for Walking Your Dogs?

Best LED Torch for Dog Walking

Most people simply want a bag that can hold the various bits and pieces that you may want for a typical daily walk. Others may want a slightly larger bag that they can use if they are out for the day, on a hike or even when camping.

The right type depends on what you actually want, and not what someone else tells you that you need. 

What we are going to do in this article is to show you the options, and you can decide which type suits you best. 

Should You Buy a Dog Bag for Dog Walking?

Irrespective of the exact type of torch you want in terms of style, shape and convenience, the one thing I would strongly recommend is to buy an LED torch. The reason for that is the LED bulbs last for years, and they do give out a strong light.

Almost all homes now use LED bulbs so as they no longer have to continuously replace those filament style bulbs.

Pet Room Dog Walking Bag

Dog Treat Pouch Bag, Dog Walking Bag With Poop Bag Holder,Dog Training Clicker, Collapsible Silicon Dog Water Bowl, Adjustable Belt and Shoulder Strap

The dog treat bag is made of 600D oxford cloth which makes it durable and long lasting

The inner lining can be pulled out fully making it very easy to clean.

This is classed as a pet treat bag, and comes with a dog clicker and a silicon dog bowl. (The clicker is also a whistle.)

You can wear this in 3 different ways: - A strong metal clip allows for secure attachment with belt or pocket, or wear with the waist belt. or wear with the shoulder strap that can be easily attached by using the d-rings on the two sides.

It has a good sized inner pouch that can hold ample amounts of treats. There is a front zipper pocket that can hold your valuables secure - (cash, credit cards, cell phones etc)

There is also a silicone lined poop bag dispenser on the back of the bag that allows you to pull out waste bags through the back pocket.

There are also 2 mesh side pockets which are ideal for storing other small items.

Check Amazon UK for Availability

Average Price: £12

92% customer satisfaction based on 5,500+ online buyers

Sweetie Dog Treat Pouch Bag

Sweetie Premium Dog Treat Pouch Bag for Walking & Training, with Poop Bag Holder, Collapsible Bowl & Free Clicker - Perfect Puppy Kit

This dog walking bag option is just about making your life easier. You can simply store all your dog walking essentials in one place.

Again, classed as a treat bag, this one has space for a toy and treats, and has a built in poop bag dispenser.

It also has a front pocket to store your phone and keys.

It comes with an adjustable strap enabling you to wear the treat bag around the waist or over the shoulder.

In addition to the bag, this also comes with a collapsible travel water bowl and a free puppy training clicker. It does come with a money back guarantee.

Check Amazon UK for Availability

Average Price: £12

92% customer satisfaction based on 5,000+ online buyers

lanktoo Dog Treat Pouch Bag with Poop Bag Holder

lanktoo Dog Treat Pouch Bag with Poop Bag Holder, Waterproof Puppy Training Walking Bag W/Shoulder Strap, Waist Belt and Clip, Easily Carrying Dog Toys, Food (Black+Orange)

This bag measures 8"x 5.3"x 2.5"

It is classed as a treat bag for dogs with an inner layer and convenient drawstring. This will securely hold amounts of dog training treats, toys etc.

Importantly it has a waste bag dispenser on the side to pull out waste bags quickly and easily

The bag is made from a waterproof oxford nylon fabric, that will keep treats, your phone or wallets dry on rainy days.  

There is also a reflective stripe on the bag that keeps you more visible under light and safe when taking a walk at night.

Check Amazon UK for Availability

Average Price: £12

92% customer satisfaction based on 2,700+ online buyers

Pecute Large Dog Walking Bag

pecute Large Dog Treat Pouch Bag - Upgrade with Water Bottle Holder, Waterproof Walking Bag Multiple Pockets, Adjustable Waist & Shoulder Belt 3 Ways to Wear for Training Walking Outdoor Use (Black)

This bag measures 21.8 x 19.7 x 7 cm

This is a big bag with lots of room for holding treats, toys, phone, keys, etc and also has a water bottle bag

The main compartment uses a drawstring, and there is a zipped pocket and a mesh pocket

It's made from waterproof cloth and also has a washable liner

It can be carried using a waist belt, or a belt clip or a shoulder strap. You also get 15 poo bags, a training clicker and a collapsible bowl.

Check Amazon UK for Availability

Average Price: £22

90% customer satisfaction based on 3,500+ online buyers

As you can see from the list above, these come from a variety of suppliers. The one that you pick will mainly come down to the particular design that you prefer to use. Most of them cost around £10-15 and they do make a nice gift.

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