Best Shed Door Hinges UK

By  Enda McLarnon

One of the most popular questions we get asked is what are the best shed door hinges? We have answered that below in a long and detailed article which we know you will find informative.

There are of course a variety of hinges available that include the popular T-hinge, stainless steel hinges, galvanised hinges, heavy duty hinges and security hinges.

These also come in different sizes. There are also different designs as some are just standard hinges whereas others may be ornamental.

So yes it can get a bit confusing when you have so much choice. We will try and make this easier to understand as we walk you through the various options.

What size of hinge do you need for a shed door?

The most important thing to properly understand is to pick the right strength of hinge for your shed door. As a general rule a longer hinge and a thicker hinge will support a heavier door.

Shed Door Weight

Length of hinge (mm)

Length of hinge (inches)










Companies who make shed doors have a rule that they use which is a little harder to work out, but is more accurate. Measure the width of your door and divide by 3. Then add 25mm for every 300mm in the door height.

Here is an example.

A standard shed door will measure 750mm wide by 1800mm long (approx 2'6" x 6')

Take the width and divide by 3 (750/3=250) - 250 mm is the first measurement.

The door length is 1800mm and divide by 300 which is 1800/300 = 6

Multiply the 6 by 25mm to get 150mm and add that to the 250mm to get 400mm

So for a shed door of this size you would need a 400mm hinge.

What hinges do you need for a shed door?

XFORT® 2 Pack 300 mm T-Hinge Black Japanned, Metal Tee Hinges with Weather Resistant, Rustproof Powder Coating, T Strap Hinges Ideal for External Use On Gate Doors, Shed Doors and Barn Doors (Pair)

The simplest and easiest hinge to get is called a t-hinge and it gets its name from the shape.

The hinges shown to the right are the most popular choice for online buyers as they are good quality and a sensible price

They are strong because they are made of high quality steel and finished with a black powder coating that prevents rust

They come in 4 lengths which are 150mm, (6") 200mm, (7.9") 250mm (9.8") and 300 mm (12")

For the vast majority of shed doors these work really well. They will work with small to medium sized shed doors that are light. The longer the length the more support they will offer. Tee-hinges are surface mounted (not recessed).

Check Amazon UK for Availability

Average Price: £8

88% customer satisfaction based on 2,500+ online buyers

Band & Hook heavy duty hinges for a heavy shed door?

Merriway BH06852 (2 Pcs) Gate Hinges Heavy Duty Hook and Band Cranked Necked Black 350mm (14 Inch) - Pack of 2 Pieces

For most shed doors the t-hinge is really all that you will need

However if you have a heavier type of shed door then you should consider what is called a hook and band hinge

This is where you screw one section to the door frame, one to the door, and then lift the door section up onto the hook on the door frame

These are normally used for heavier gates so really solid.

These are very good for supporting weight. You will see the same style used on many iron gates so effective.

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Average Price: £15

90% customer satisfaction based on 150+ online buyers

D-Orange 2 Pack T-Hinge Gate Shed Hinges

D-Orange 2 Pack T-Hinge Gate Shed Hinges Heavy Duty Metal Black Strap Hinges with Screws for Gate Doors, Shed Doors and Barn Doors, 200mm (8 inch) Long

For most shed doors the t-hinge is really all that you will need and this set is a popular and affordable choice.

The hinges shown here are suitable for sheds, gates and even barn doors so they are strong

These are 200mm (8") hinges and there are two of them and are supplied with 14 screws (25 mm) for attachment

They are made from coated galvanised stainless steel.

These are very good for supporting weight. You will see the same style used on many iron gates so effective.

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Average Price: £9

86% customer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyers

How many hinges do you need on a shed door?

The vast majority of shed doors need at least 2 hinges. If the door is heavy then you can fit 3 hinges for a stronger and more secure job.

One hinge should be fitted 180mm from the top of the door and the second hinge should be fitted 280mm from the bottom of the door.

Where do you put 3 hinges on a shed door?

If you are using a third hinge that should be placed directly in the middle of the two other hinges.

What are shed door hinges made from?

The reason it is important to understand this is that you will want to buy a hinge for your shed door that will last for many years. Some materials will do a much better job than others. The better the quality the longer they will last but they will be a bit more expensive to buy.

Essentially you want a hinge that is strong, weatherproof, won't rust and is secure.

T-hinges are made from one of four materials:

  1. Zinc Passivated - never buy this type for a shed door as they will rust in about 12 months if used outside. They are made of mild steel and the cheapest to buy. They have a shiny and smooth appearance - avoid at all costs as these are really only suitable for interior doors.
  2. Powder coated (black) - these are very popular as they look good. However if they get scratched they will rust quickly. They are only as good as the quality of the coating. These can get scratched easily if a screwdriver slips when attaching them. These are also made from mild steel and then powder coated so they look good.
  3. Galvanised - if you are in any doubt then we would recommend these. Again the hinge is made from a mild steel which is then dipped in zinc and leaves a slightly rough silver finish. If that coating gets scratched the zinc may corrode but the steel underneath will not.
  4. Stainless steel - there is little doubt that using stainless steel is the best option but these can be 3-4 times more expensive than the options described above.

How do you secure hinges on a shed door?

T-hinges are easy to attach as you can do that with screws. The drawback of that is that they are also easy to remove. Many shed thefts have been done by simply removing the hinges as they have been screwed on.

Using coach bolts for shed hinges

coach bolts

One way to stop thieves from unscrewing hinges is to use coach bolts. A pack of 10 of these cost around £5-6 and are much more secure. That is because they have a mushroom shaped dome like head. This smoothed head provides a secure fitting by preventing turning from the outer (public) facing side of the bolt.

They come in different thread sizes and different lengths so you just have to figure out what size you want. They do however make for a very secure fixing and the hinges can never be removed from the outside.

These are available at Amazon UK and we like the Singularity Supplies coach bolts as they are good quality and a good price. Check them here at Amazon UK.

How do you fit/install hinges on a shed door?

We have included a video below of a guy making and fitting a shed door. T-hinges are by far the easiest hinges to fit, and ideally if you can get someone to help you, it is a basic process.

We explained above where to locate the hinges at the top, middle and bottom of the door. Ideally that is where your batons should be on the rear of the door. That will allow you to drive screws or bolts through the thickest part of the door.

Before fitting the door check for clearance around the door frame (usually 2-3 mm all round is ideal)

The easiest method is to fit the t-hinges to the door first, then hold the door in place, and then screw in the post part of the hinge. Some people do it the other way around and it is just your own preference.

To make sure you have an even gap we recommend using 3mm wedges or slips of wood to hold the door in place around the frame when attaching the hinges, and then remove those once the hinges are in place.

Can you use gate hinges on a shed door?

Most gate hinges use either t-hinges or band and hook hinges, so yes you can use gate hinges on a shed door, if they are this type.

Height and Width of shed doors?

When you go to buy a shed door in the UK, they typically come in the following sizes.

78 x 24 inches (1981mm x 610mm)
78 x 27 inches (1981mm x 686mm)
78 x 30 inches (1981mm x 762mm)
78 x 33 inches (1981mm x 838mm)
78 x 36 inches (1981mm x 915mm)

They are usually made from treated soft wood such as pine or redwood and will be around 44mm thick.

Width of a shed door

There are two main standard widths for shed doors. These are 2'6" and 3' (762mm and 915mm). It really depends on the shed size as to which width of door is used. If you are buying or building a shed then you can select which size of opening you prefer.

The larger 3 feet opening does make it a great deal easier to get boxes, bicycles, mowers etc through, but smaller sheds will almost always have a smaller entrance size.

One things worth knowing is that if you want a larger shed opening than 3 feet, then you are advised to use 2 doors as the weight of a single door larger than 3 feet will be difficult to support with standard shed door hinges.

Weight of shed doors

This will of course depend on the size of the door, the material it is made from and the method in which it is made.

Soft wood doors will weigh anything between 21-27 Kg. Some owners prefer to use external plywood and that can be heavier. Most shed hinges will be able to support even heavy doors, and if in doubt use 3 hinges  rather than two.

Hopefully we have given you enough information on shed door hinges to allow you to work out which are the best, and what options you have.

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