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Top 5 Yoghurt Makers UK Reviews 2022


Thanks for taking your time to read our top 5 list of yoghurt maker reviews for people living in the United Kingdom.

In this article you will find a list of the top 5 best selling yoghurt makers, and a review of each of them. There are lots of this type of maker on the UK market. Through our research we have narrowed down the choice to those top 5 that meet the following criteria:

  • They are good value for money
  • They sell really well
  • They work as they are supposed to work and are made to last.

If you are brand new as a beginner to making yoghurt at home, then we have provided a beginner's buying guide after the reviews below. We would suggest reading that first if you are not sure what makes a good quality yoghurt maker, that you can use at home.

Top 5 Yoghurt Makers Reviewed (UK)

We have provided our top 5 list just below, and after that list you can read a review on each yoghurt maker.

VonShef Yoghurt Maker Machine with Strainer

Many buyers will opt for this Vonshef model as it is one of the cheapest available online, but still gets an excellent 90% buyer satisfaction.

  • This machine has both small and large containers to make regular and Greek-style yoghurt
  • The machine has  large 1.8-litre tank that can make up to 1400 ml of yoghurt
  • The machine uses a low temperature operation which means your home made yoghurt is ready in 10 hours
  • This model is really simple to use with an on/off function switch and a removable tank for easy cleaning
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty

90% buyer satisfaction rating based on 100+ online buyer reviews


  • Buyers really liked the large capacity of this maker
  • Buyers say that this model is easy to use and makes around 1.25 litres of yoghurt at a time
  • Buyers said that if you use this overnight it works really well
  • Most buyers advised to carefully follow the instructions


  • A few buyers said that this machine made grainy yoghurt
  • Some buyers thought it was hard to clean and cleaning the strainer was a bit of a chore
  • Some buyers were disappointed that there was no timer or automatic cut off

This is a basic yoghurt maker without any of the frills or features like an automatic cut off or timer. The plus side is that it makes a decent amount of yoghurt, and it is one of the lowest priced on the market.

Lakeland Digital 7 Individual Cup Electric Yoghurt Maker

This type of yoghurt maker allows buyers to make up to 7 individual pots of fresh yoghurt. It is priced around £33-35 depending on where you make your purchase and online buyers have given this Lakeland model a 90% buyer satisfaction rating.

  • The manufacturer states this can make yoghurt in as little as 8 hours
  • There are a few extra features and the basic component parts include a heater, and a base unit with cover
  • On the front there is a digital display panel with temperature control
  • It comes with a 3 year return policy if you buy from Lakeland, but you will need a proof of purchase

90% buyer satisfaction rating based on 125+ online buyer reviews


  • Buyers say that this does make great home made yoghurt in 8 hours which is fast when compared to some other makers
  • Buyers say this is a good choice if you want to make a number of individual pots
  • Buyers say that as long as you stick to the instructions this maker does make great tasting yoghurt
  • No buyer has as yet left a bad review


  • Some buyers prefer a larger machine to make one big batch
  • A few buyers said all the small pots make this a pain to clean

This is a basic yoghurt maker with a couple of nicely added and useful features. Buyers are happy and almost all of them said stick to the instructions and you will get great results each time.

Lakeland Multi Yoghurt and Soft Cheese Maker

This is one of the best selling yoghurt makers online and people like the fact that it can be used to make soft cheese as well.

There are plenty of reviews for this model from Lakeland and that shows that this model does sell a lot.

  • This can be used to make plain or Greek-style yogurt and soft cheese
  • It is very easy to use
  • Comes with both 1.8 and 1.6 litre containers, strainer, recipes, and instructions.

90% buyer satisfaction rating based on 500+ online buyer reviews


  • Buyers really liked the fact that they could make a variety of products with this
  • Buyers liked the temperature control and most buyers said that it was accurate
  • Buyers said this is very easy to wash and to keep clean
  • Buyers say this is a very good maker if you prefer a large batch to the small pot style


  • Some buyers said that they can not use soya milk with this maker as it just doesn't seem to work
  • Several buyers said the temperature control is not accurate or has stopped working
  • Some buyers said the containers are too large for their fridge

This is a large batch yoghurt maker and many buyers prefer that to the small pot styles. There were a few grumbles about the temperature not being accurate or not working, but overall the vast majority of buyers were very happy.

VonShef Automatic Digital Yoghurt Maker with LCD Display

Although at number 5 on our list, this model again sells really well. Buyers have given this on a buyer satisfaction rating of 82% which is indeed very good.

  • This model has an LCD control panel comes with function button, time and temperature settings,and a start/ cancel button
  • It comes with seven 200ml glass jars with lids to make 1.5L of yoghurt
  • It uses 20 watts of power 
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty

82% buyer satisfaction rating based on 150+ online buyer reviews


  • Buyers liked the temperature control as it gave them a few options
  • Buyers talked about the size and quality of the pots a lot
  • Buyers set this up to run overnight so as they have fresh home made yoghurt in the morning
  • Buyers thought this was great value for money


  • Some buyers said the buttons on the front just stopped working for no apparent reason
  • When a few buyers received their product in the post it was dead on arrival and had to be returned
  • Some buyers said the instructions are just poor

Yoghurt Maker UK Buying Guide

There are many health benefits in eating yoghurt. Three of the key problems with getting a regular supply of natural healthy yoghurt are:

  • It is expensive to buy and mainly comes in plastic packaging which we all know is bad for the environment
  • It is often difficult to understand what ingredients are inside the yoghurt
  • People often buy in bulk to get a better deal, and can easily lose track of expiry dates, and have to throw out the product

One solution to this is of course to make your own yoghurt at home. People know that yoghurt is a healthy food option and can be used for lunches or for a quick snack.

It helps boost the immune system, and also improves your daily intake of calcium.

With home made yoghurt you also get a very fresh product and you can also make your own varieties. What we really like though is that you are in complete control of the ingredients, as well as the amount of additives and  preservatives.

That means you no longer have to settle for what is on the supermarket shelf.

Understanding the Price of Yoghurt Makers

It is a great deal cheaper to make your own yoghurt at home than to buy it off the shelf. You do however have to buy a yoghurt maker like the ones shown in the list above.

The good news is that these are not an expensive purchase, and they are also very easy to use. So even for people on a very tight or restricted budget, this is not a big initial investment, and it is one that you will get back very quickly.

A typical yoghurt maker costs anything between £20-65, with an average price of £25.00.

How Do Yoghurt Makers Work?

Yoghurt making is unfortunately a slow process. It takes around 10 hours to make a home made batch of yoghurt. Most people who own one of these make a batch in the evening and then leave it overnight. That way it is ready to go the following morning.

That may sound inconvenient initially, but in reality is just about developing that habit. These types of makers work by adding a slow heat to your ingredients. As we have said it almost always takes an overnight run to make a batch.

The process is actually a fermenting process rather than any type of cooking process. The yoghurt ingredients contain what are called enzymes and it is these that react with the ingredients. All the yoghurt maker does is heat the mixture to the right temperature.

Most yoghurt is made by fermenting milk which is the main ingredient. You then use a yoghurt culture which is a bacteria. This creates a lactose which makes lactic acid, and it is this that gives yoghurt its distinct tangy taste. Cow's milk is the most popular choice, but in some countries other types of animal milk is used.

The yoghurt maker isn't a complex piece of equipment and all you really need to do is clean it and look after it. The process that happens is more complex but not something we directly are involved in.

What Size of Maker to Buy?

That will come down to your own personal circumstances. If you live on your own or with a partner and like to eat yoghurt a few times a week, then a small machine will do nicely.

However if you like to eat yoghurt on a daily basis, or have a larger family then you would be better off with a larger capacity maker. Something like a 1-1.25 litre of yoghurt is ideal as that can last for 3-4 days if kept in the fridge.

Container Sizes

Most yoghurt makers will come with some type of containers. These are typically measured millimetres and typical sizes are 200 ml and 400 ml. The container size should really be determined by how much yoghurt you plan on eating.

You could for example make 800 ml of yoghurt, and have it in four 200 ml containers. That would give one person 200 ml of yoghurt a day for 4 days and so on.

Yoghurt Maker Additional Features

Most yoghurt makers are as we have mentioned a fairly basic heating machine. There are however some nice to have features that we think are important. We shall discuss these below.

Automatic Cut Off

We think this should come as a standard feature on most types of small kitchen appliances. This is we believe a basic safety feature that helps protect your appliance from over heating, and also prevents your electrical socket.

It also means that the machine will turn off by itself if you happen to forget about it. That is just simple convenience. Sadly not that many yoghurt makers have this as standard.

Programmable Timer

This is simply an important convenience feature. You put the ingredients into the maker, quickly set up the program and then forget about it. This feature just makes your life a great deal easier, and removes any risks of getting the process wrong.

What Temperature Should a Yoghurt Maker Be?

The ideal temperature range should be between 36-40 degrees Celsius. That is the right range that ensures perfect fermentation of the ingredients.

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