Useful Household Tips to Save You Money

useful tips to save you money

At my age and over the years you learn a lot of things. The list below is some of my favourite tips and tricks to save you money. There is just far too much waste in the world right now and all of my ideas below work and will help you save your hard earned cash.

Money Saving Tip 1 - Make Use of Bacon Rinds

Many people cut off and throw away bacon rinds. Instead cut them up and store them in the freezer. They are very useful for flavouring in soups, sauces and stocks. It is about 3 times quicker to cut the rind off bacon using scissors than by using a knife. (Don't forget to save the rind for stock flavoring)

Money Saving Tip 2 - Make Use of Stale Biscuits

Never throw away stale biscuits. To restore them simply place in the oven for a few minutes and they will be as good as new.

Money Saving Tip 3 - Keeping Your Biscuits Fresh

Keep your biscuits fresh by adding a sugar lump to the biscuit tin. The sugar absorbs all of the moisture and keeps your biscuits fresh.

Money Saving Tip 4 - Sauce Bottles

Ever try to get the last drops out of a sauce bottle? A quick way to do this is to stand it in a dish of hot water for just a few minutes. Then turn it upside down for a few minutes and it will come out easily.

Money Saving Tip 5 - Avoid a Limp Lettuce

I hate limp lettuce. To quickly restore it, place it in a bowl of iced water and add a dash of lemon. Leave for 30 minutes and watch it come to life.

Money Saving Tip 6 - Revive Your Honey

If your jar of honey has crystallised there is no need to throw it away. Stand it in a bowl of hot water and watch it return to liquid form.

Money Saving Tip 7 - Use Your Wine Dregs

Never throw out the dregs of wine bottles. Put whatever is left into an ice cube container and put them into the freezer. When you need some wine for your cooking then simply pop out a couple of cubes.

Money Saving Tip 8 - Make Your Mince Go Farther

Make your minced dishes go further. Simply mix a couple of tablespoons of oats to each pound of mince. This also helps the taste.

Money Saving Tip 9 - How to Remove Grape or Tomato Skins

To remove tomato or grape skins, put them into boiling water for around 10 seconds. The skin pops off in a flash.

Money Saving Tip 10 - Squeezing Oranges & Lemons

Before squeezing an orange, lemon or lime roll it out on a work surface and press hard. When you cut into it, the fruit will produce a lot more juice with little or no effort. Another great way to do this is to place the fruit in the oven for about 5 minutes.