Black & Decker BEW230-GB Detail Mouse Sander UK Review

By  Enda McLarnon

Thanks for taking your time to read our UK review of the very popular Black & Decker BEW230-GB Detail Mouse Sander.

You need some tools in your shed and one of these should be a good sander that allows you to get great finishes on woodwork. The Black & Decker Mouse Detail Sander is one of my favourites and costs in and around £20 so will not break the bank.

This is a great little tool that will allow you to do a wide range of decorating tasks. It can also be used for doing both minor and major repairs.

The range of things this tool can complete is quite wide ranging and covers just about everything from sanding furniture, to removing rust from gates and railings and even to polish up and clean metals

I think what I like best of all about this product is that it is so simple to use. Some of the sanders out there are just horrible to use but this one is simple.

It has a nice long 3 metre lead (about 10 feet in old money) and it is fitted with rubber grips to make it easier on your hands.

We also understand that you may be very busy and will not have the time to read our full review. If that is the case, then you can check the availability of this Black and Decker Sander at Amazon UK, by clicking here.

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How Buyers Rate the Black+Decker BEW230-GB Sander?

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall these have received an online buyer rating of 92%
  • 74% of those buyers have given this sander a full 5 star rating
  • 4% of all buyers gave this sander a bad rating

This is based on 10,000+ online buyer reviews

Our Online Buyer Ratings Explained

When doing our research, we check the various websites that sell this type of baby care product. We make a note of the ratings, and from those we calculate an average score, which we mark out of 100%

  • 90-100% - This is an excellent rating
  • 80-89% - This is a very good rating
  • 70-79% - This is a good rating though buyers should be wary of poor reviews
  • 60-69% - This is an average rating but we would not recommend products in this range
  • Less than 60% - we don’t recommend products lower than 60% ever as they are low quality

This sander has an overall rating of 92% which sits in our excellent category for ratings.

What Buyers Say About the B&D Sander?

When doing our research, we also make note of the most common comments that are made, both the good ones and the bad ones. We then show those to our readers by using an easy to read Pros and Cons table which you can read just below.


  • The majority of buyers said this was a very useful sander for home use
  • Buyers liked the fact that it was light in weight
  • Buyers also said this was very easy to use
  • Most buyers said the suction was good
  • Buyers said the pads were easy to change


  • A few buyers said this was no good for heavy duty sanding
  • Some buyers received the sander with bits missing

BEW230-GB Sander Product Information

BLACK+DECKER 55 W Detail Mouse Electric Sander with 6 Sanding Sheets

Using A Mouse Sander

The whole principle behind using a mouse sander is that the shape on the base allows you into small areas that a normal belt sander could just not fit into. It has what is called a tear shaped base, and it is this mouse shape that makes this type of sander unique.

What Can You Do With This Sander?

Honestly almost anything you like. So far I have used it to:

  • Strip paint off window frames and sills
  • Take rust off my front gate and railings
  • Remove rust from an old car that I am helping restore
  • We also used it to buff some old glass headlights from an old car
  • Sanded down some old chairs
  • Sanded down skirting boards
  • Also did about 5 door frames
  • My wife has also used this for some of her crafting projects

What's In the Box?

  • The detail sander
  • 2 x foam pads
  • 2 x P80 sanding sheets
  • 3 x P120 sanding sheets
  • 1 x P180 sanding sheet
  • 1 x tip
  • 4 x tip sanding sheets
  • 1 x bag
  • 1 x dust extraction adaptor

Changing Paper on this B&D Sander

If you have owned a sander before then you will know that changing the paper on the bottom of these is a real pain in the ass. I think Black and Decker have got it right with this one. It uses a pretty tough velcro system to hold the paper on so quick changing is a given.

To be honest that was the one thing that worried me before I bought this. I would have been certain the velcro would not have been strong enough to hold this in place, but I was wrong. 

There are also different pads of different thicknesses which will allow you to be able to use the tool right away

Our Verdict on the B&D BEW230-GB Sander


This is a very well made tool that is easy to use


Has a solid and consistent excellent satisfaction rating


We think that this sander is excellent value for money

Overall rating :  92%

Check Amazon UK for Availability

Average Price: £20
90% customer satisfaction based on 12,000+ online buyers

This is a handy sander that is particularly easy to use. For most people who want a general purpose sander for jobs around the home and garden, this one is a really good choice.

It is light in weight, easy to use and allows you to get into corners and other awkward places. At the same time the base is large enough for the larger sanding jobs.

Now please understand that this is not a belt or orbital sander that does what I would call the aggressive work like sanding large areas.

This will do all the finer and basic sanding jobs. It can handle a decent sized area as well so that should be enough for most jobs in and around the home.

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