Cheap Socket Set for Home Use

By  Enda McLarnon

I was digging around trying to find a cheap socket set that I could use around the house. For me anyway this is the sort of thing that I might use maybe once or twice a year. I was not looking for anything fancy. Socket sets are useful to have and I do understand that if you plan on doing a lot of work as a mechanic then you need something really good.

For most people though a cheap socket set is probably enough. I found one on Amazon for about £20 which I thought was decent. Now be warned this is not a fancy high end set but it does cost well under £20, and will do the job for most people.

I bought this one in February 2016 and was impressed by the quality.

Bahco SL25 Socket Set 25 Piece

Bahco SL25 Socket Set 25 Piece

25 pieces for well under £20 is ok by me. I am sure they are not the highest quality available but to be honest I don’t really care.

I have used this set to replace an outside light, tighten up a bed and to put together some toys for the grand kids and it works just fine. All that in 2 weeks!

You get the 1/4″ratchet which feels solid enough and the extension bar which is actually important as it allows you to get at  nuts or bolts that are in at depth.

The case is great and keeps all the bits and pieces where they should be, unless you are like me, and knock it flying.

There are over 400+ buyer reviews at Amazon who rate this set at 4.8 out of 5 stars. That should tell you just how good this little beauty is. What did shock me when I got it was the size of the thing, it was just way smaller than I had expected, but I do have to tell you all of the parts are top notch quality.

Here is what is inside it:

  • 1/4″ Ratchet
  • Torx bits- T40,T30,T25,T20,T15,T10
  • Adaptor for torx bits
  • Sockets- 4,4.5,5,5.5,,11,12,13
  • 2-PH2 Bits
  • Hex Head Bits- H5,H6
  • 1/4″ Extension Bar-Wobbler type.

The ratchet is used by allowing the sockets to click into place by pushing the ratchet in first and then they all click into place easily. When I first tried this I was trying to force them in – don’t do that – just push the button at the head of the ratchet and life becomes so much easier 🙂

buy now amazon

I am not surprised this is the best selling socket set on Amazon as it is just good value for money and really good quality. Until I bought these I had never heard of the brand, but the reviews were great. I am really pleased with them. They will not get a lot of use but at least I have them when I need them.

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