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We have written many product reviews that are aimed at United Kingdom readers. We did this because we found that when we were looking for United Kingdom based reviews, there were not that many to be found. We thought therefore we should do our own.

When searching we did find a lot of USA based reviews, and although many of those were good, they were aimed at the US market. We wanted something made for UK readers!

Discover the Best Alcohols

Just below you can read our reviews on the best alcohol options for whiskey, pink gin, vodka and more. In the UK many people enjoy a tipple or two. We thought it would be a good idea to include some reviews on the most popular types of alcoholic drinks.


We have completed reviews on some baby products such as duvets, blinds etc. There are a lot of baby products on the UK market, and here we include some of the most popular products that are available in the UK for babies.


We have completed reviews on many bathroom products such as curtains, faucets, showers, plungers etc. As you know there are a lot of bathroom products available, and here we revies many of those really useful products such as plungers, bins, etc.


We have completed reviews on many bedroom products such as mattresses. pillows, sheets, duvets etc. Getting a great night's sleep is very important, and we like to include reviews on many of the most popular bedroom products.


We have completed reviews on some car or vehicle products such as tool sets, roof bars etc.


We have completed reviews on many cleaning products. There are quite literally thousands of cleaning products available on the UK market. These cover many things such as floor cleaners, shower cleaners, hob cleaners and many more.


We have completed reviews on many garden shed products. This covers sheds, shed security, what the best paint is to use, storage and much more.


We have completed reviews on many small kitchen appliances such as soup makers, kettles, yoghurt makers and much more.

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