Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillow Review


Our Review of the Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillows

If you are looking for high quality and affordable pillows for your bed, then look no further than the Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillows. This pack of two really comfortable pillows are the best selling pillows, that are currently available in the UK.

Most UK buyers will be pretty familiar with the brand "Silentnight." They are best known for their affordable prices, and also for a consistently good quality of product. There are hundreds of reviews about these pillows, so plenty of information to go on.

What Buyers Say About the Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillows

As there are many thousands of reviews, we have put together a summary below on the star ratings given to this popular bedding item. People who buy these, use them and then leave a review do so using a star rating system.

Around 71 out of every 100 people rated these as a 5 star product. 87% in total rated them as 4 stars or higher. At the lower end of the scale 3 on every 100 buyers rated these just a single star.

What Buyers Didn't Like About the Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillows

If the percentage of 1 stars is low, I normally do not get that concerned. We still had a look to find out why they would rate a product so low. Here is what we managed to find out.

A few buyers said they were simply too flat and too lumpy. Some also said they offered little or no support. People seemed to be disappointed in them as they expected better from a well known brand name.

Clearly these customers were not happy at the way these pillows seemed to be flat, and overall they thought they just got worse with time.

What Buyers Did Like About the Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillows

Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillows on a bed

As with many products, at the other end of the scale, the majority of the buyers were relatively happy with their purchase. I think a lot of the reviews, good or bad, will come down to how much you have paid for these.

The recommended retail price (RRP) from the brand is £19.99. At that price, these would be expensive for what you actually get.

However many stores sell the pair from £7-10. Now at that price, they are certainly better value. They are never going to last that long though, so at the lower price point, at least you get something that is OK, without having to break your budget.

Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillows Specification

Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillow Pack of 2

For those who like more detail, then we have a specification below, on these popular and affordable set of 2 pillows.

  • Each pillow is the standard size of 74 x 48 cm (29 x 19")
  • Each pillow weighs 0.6 Kg
  • The filling is hollow fibre
  • The material is micro fibre
  • You can wash these in a washing machine, and they are hypo-allergenic
  • They come with a 2-year guarantee
  • These are suitable to fit standard size pillow cases

The manufacturer has designed these pillows to be able to do two things:

  1. Be comfortable to sleep on with a touch of luxury
  2. This comfort, yet still able to support the head and neck during sleep

It is fair to say, that these are not classed as "high end" pillows. They are classed as a "medium" firmness.

Our Verdict on the Silentnight Deep Sleep Pillows

90% buyer satisfaction based on 17,000+ online buyer reviews

With an RRP of £21, if you can find these pillows any cheaper, then we think that is very good value for money. 

Your average pillow is good for about 2-4 years of normal use, and after that it is pretty much useless.

Overall the buyer ratings on these are good, and they are the best selling standard pillows on Amazon UK. Many people buy these for the home, but also for guest bedrooms and for holiday homes and caravans.

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