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By  Enda McLarnon

Great Choices for "Man In The Shed Signs" for Your Shed or Garage

If like me you choose sometimes to be a man in the shed, then you NEED a man sign. It really is that simple and you don't ever need to apologise for hanging up a few manly signs.

Initially I made one from an old piece of plywood, a chisel and some paint.

You just need to come up with some words that suit what you want your shed to be and this can be as simple as "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here, " or something more sophisticated like Illegitimi Non Carborundum.

I am not going to translate that but feel free to look it up. It suits my mindset to a tee.

You get my point though - having a sign in your shed is a statement of the type of person who owns the shed, and also indicates the type of people who are welcome into your shed.

If they don't like your sign, then of course they should not be there anyway - time to get shot of them!!!

I have a couple of signs that I have also picked up at auctions. One is an old advert for oil which was in rough shape so I bought if for £2 and then fixed it up a bit and now it looks great.

All I had to do was get rid of the rust and add some paint and varnish, and Bob was your Uncle.

There are plenty of old signs knocking about if you just keep your eyes open. Things like old road signs can look really cool, and if you have "borrowed" the odd traffic cone, then you know what I mean.

If you want you can also buy signs and just nail them up somewhere. I had a look around for a few and saw a few over at Amazon UK that I like.

Different Types of Man Shed Signs

If you don't like the old style shed signs, or just want to buy a couple of signs, then there are a few great choices. You can get warning signs, funny signs and even personalised signs. Below I have included a few that I really like.

Most of these will be made from something like PVC or from some sort of metal such as aluminium or even cast iron.

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Man Shed Only Signs

These are popular and online buyers really seem to like the selection below.

This one says "Your Name Man Shed" and below that Important Man Stuff In Progress - You just tell the company your first name

This one says " Your Name Man Shed What happens in the man shed stays in the man shed"

This one says "Your Name Man Shed - DIY Super Hero at Work

If you are on the edge of deciding whether you are the man in the shed or the "Man Cave" guy, then you have the shed signs above and the cave signs just below.

The Man Cave is an American term for sure, but you know what, it is also a pretty good one. I like the name anyway and at the end of the day, shed man or man cave, gives out the same message.

Man Cave Signs

Some men prefer the Man Cave name rather than the Man Shed name, so here a few choices for those. Please note if you click on any of the images you will be taken to Amazon UK.

This one says "Your Name Man Cave" and is made from high quality PVC

This one says "Beware you are now entering MY Name Man Cave, My Cave , My Rules"

This is made from aluminium

This one simply says "Man Cave" and it is made from really solid cast iron.

My friends if you own a shed, a garage, a workshop then simply get a sign. It speaks a thousand words to those who are not welcome in our inner sanctuaries.

Man Shed Trespass Signs

If you like a man shed sign that is more aggressive then trespass signs certainly send out a clear message. They are of course meant as a sense of fun and they do say something about your personality.

Please note if you click on any of the images you will be taken to Amazon UK.

The message doesn't get any clearer than this for any person who dares to enter your hallowed space.

This classic what happens in the shed stays in the shed is always a winner

Clear and simple message in case anyone is any doubt

Dad/Granddad Shed Signs

Some people prefer the Dad or Grandad shed signs. These also make a fun novelty gift for Father's day. Please note if you click on any of the images you will be taken to Amazon UK.

This is a wall plaque For Garden Shed
It is black with raised gold lettering
Ideal for Outdoor Use

This classic Metal door sign for a shed

Clear and simple message in case anyone is any doubt

Motor Bike Shed Signs

If you like your motor bikes then there are some interesting choices shown below. Please note if you click on any of the images you will be taken to Amazon UK.

This is a hanging plaque on reasons to be with a biker

This classic Italian scooter or Vespa as it is better known

A popular choice the TT races at the Isle of Man in metal

Beer Shed Signs

f you like your beer signs then there are some interesting choices shown below. Please note if you click on any of the images you will be taken to Amazon UK.

This is a wall plaque with the famous Birra Moretti beer logo

This classic and original toucan lovely day for a Guinness sign

And the third one we liked is the classic Stella Artois sign

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