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Tristar VE-5970 Table Fan Review


A great thing to have in your shed or garage is some method of cooling down the space. Now we know in the UK we do not get a lot of hot weather, but in the summer months, inside a shed can get quite clammy. Something like a floor fan or a desktop fan does a very good job of quickly cooling down a warm space.

There are plenty of choices to be had but we like this new one from Tristar which is the ve-5970 model. This one is new to the UK market, but it will I believe become very popular.

This is a good quality fan which operates off the UK standard voltage of 240 volts. It has a 35 watt motor so plenty of power there to quickly move air.

Tristar Retro Fan

The 3 speeds are 950, 1100 and 1300 revolutions per minute. It can cause an airflow of up to 2,149 cubic metres an hour and that is pretty high for a standard table fan.

It weighs around 3 kg and it measures 35 x 22.5 x 35 cm so a good size and yet not too big so that it will take up a whole lot of space. The diameter of the fan is 30 cm (1 foot). It is designed to sit on a table or a bench, but could also be used to sit on the floor if you prefer it down at that height. It has 3 speeds, oscillates, and comes with overheat protection.

Tristar ve-5970 Table Fan

It is also really quiet and that is something that I like to have in any fan. It also has a nice copper/gold look to it and for a shed or garage I like that look and feel.

To complete this fan it also comes with a useful handle and has feet that allow it to stand up easily. This is classed as a retro style look and feel and it certainly has that appeal to it.

How Buyers Rate the Tristar VE-5970 Table-Top Fan

Buyer Satisfaction
  • So far just over 100 online buyers rate this fan with an 85% buyer satisfaction rating
  • 60% of those buyers have given this one a 5 star review
  • 6% of all buyers have given this fan a poor review


  • Buyers say this is a very powerful fan 
  • Buyers love the copper appearance 
  • Buyers say this is a very well made metal fan


  • You do need to change this to a 3 pin plug as it comes with a 2 pin European plug Adipi


The only complaint is the fact that this comes with a 2 pin plug, but no-one complains about the sheer power of this fan.

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