Best Black and Decker Workmate UK Review

By  Enda McLarnon

We compare the various models of Black and Decker workmates so as you can find the one that suits your needs the best. Workmate is really a tradename and it is more accurate to call these folding workbenches, which many other brands make such as Silverline, Wolfcraft, Worx, Draper and Bosch.

It is fair to say though that most people in the UK will be familiar with the Black + Decker Workmate, and there are thousands of these being used in sheds and garages up and down the UK. That is what we will be checking out here and comparing their 5 different models.

How Many Workmate Models are there?

There are currently 5 models of workmate available on the UK market. We have listed those below with average prices beside those just to give you an indication of what you can expect to pay. The prices can vary a lot, so always check from where you are buying for the exact price at any given time.

Which Workmate should you buy?

That is of course the most important question to consider. You can see from our short list above the huge variation in prices from £30 to £200. Don't make any decision based on price. Make your decision based on will it be able to be used for the jobs that you need to do.

A folding or portable workbench has multiple uses. They are mainly used for clamping wood so as you can saw, drill or plane it. It is handy for a lot of other uses as well, but don't lose sight of the main purpose.

People like to buy a folding one as it is easy to setup, easy to store and it is portable enough to be able to easily move it around to wherever you plan on working.

5 models of black and Decker workmates

Workmate Similarities

All Black + Decker workmates fold up relatively flat. That does make them easy to store or hang up. The frames are made from steel with rubber feet to stop the workmate from slipping. 

On top of the steel frame there are a couple of wooden planks that operate like a vice. Two handles, one on each side can be rotated to move the wooden planks in and out to clamp the material you are working on.

The same wooden planks have a series of holes in them and those allow for swivel pegs to be inserted, and that allows you to be able to clamp different sizes of materials, and odd shaped materials.

Workmate Differences

There are a few differences in these and that is what explains the various price points. We have listed those below:

Size and Weight - Each workmate is a slightly different size and weight - this is worth considering for both storage and moving around

Dual Working Heights - The more expensive models have dual heights. Allows the workmate to be used as a workbench, bench tool stand, vice or sawhorse

Jaw Opening and Jaw Length Distance - The size of each of these determines the width of material you will be able to clamp. Jaw openings can be from 0-11.5cm and up to 0-20.5 cm. Jaw length can be from 61cm to 74cm depending on which model you pick.

Wooden clamping material - Most are made from particle board but the WM301 model is made from compressed bamboo

Vice Jaw Positions - This can range from 0 up to 3 and determines the options for clamping materials

Supporting Weight - How much weight of material the workmate can hold without getting damaged.

One handed Operation - Only the WM825 model allows the workmate to be setup and closed using one hand.

Workmate Feature Comparison List







Folded Size (cms)

83 x 12.7 x 12.7

63 x 89 x 13

61 x 74 x 19.5

74.2 x 74 x 20

83 x 74 x 20

Weight (kg)






Dual Working Heights






Max table width (cm)






Vice Jaw Opening (cm)






Vice Jaw Length (cm)






Vice Jaw Positions






Max Load (kg)






List of Workmate Full Specifications and Uses

Workmate WM125 Review - Best Seller

Black and Decker Workmate WM125 work bench front view

Workmate WM125 folding workbench

This remains the best selling workmate in the UK and it has been that way for a very long time.

It is very easy to setup, fold away and store as it is very light in weight at 8 kg and can hold a weight of up to 160 Kg

It comes with 4 swivel pegs.

This is a basic original model with no great frills and that makes it easy to use. As it has been around for so many years, also explains why it has sold so many.

Pros & Likes

The majority of buyers thought it did what it is supposed to do

Most buyers said it is easy to put up and take down and also easy to store away

Almost every buyer said it was easy to use

Cons & Dislikes

A few buyers said this was flimsy

Quite a few said it was hard enough to assemble

Our Opinion: This is the original Black and Decker model and it is no longer sold at the B&D UK website, but still available through various online and retail outlets. We think it is expensive for what it is and the one just below is so much better value for money.

Check Amazon UK for Availability

Average Price: £66

88% customer satisfaction based on 14,000+ online buyers

Workmate WM301 Review

Black and Decker Workmate WM301 folding workbench front view

Workmate WM301 folding workbench

This model is also a very basic type of work bench but close to half the price cheaper than the one above.

It is all but identical to the model above - in fact we struggle to find any key differences, other than this one is cheaper anywhere we found it.

This can hold materials up to 115 mm in width and when erected has a working height of 760mm

The vice jaw opening ranges from 0 – 115 mm and the vice jaw length is 610 mm

Pros & Likes

The majority of buyers said that this is a good lightweight bench ideal for occasional use

Buyers said it was very useful for simple home tasks

Buyers say it is easy to fold up and store

Cons & Dislikes

A few buyers said this was hard to assemble and the instructions were useless

A few buyers say it is not as sturdy as the original WM125 model

Our Opinion: If you are looking for the best basic model of a workmate, then this will be your best choice as it is easy to see that this WM301 model is the best value for money.

Check Amazon UK for Availability

Average Price: £32

88% customer satisfaction based on 8,000+ online buyers

Workmate WM536 Review

Black & Decker Workmate WM536 workmate front view

Workmate WM536 folding workbench

This is an improvement on the two basic workmates shown above as it has dual height - that means you can use it as a workbench, bench tool stand, vice or sawhorse, and that offers more flexibility depending on what job you are doing.

The bottom section sits out more than the basic bench and useful for putting your foot on when sawing - folds up if you don't need it.

Once you get it assembled it is very sturdy and good to work on for most sawing, sanding or drilling jobs.

Pros & Likes

The majority of buyers thought this was very good value for money

Many buyers said this was more sturdy than the basic workmate they had used before

Cons & Dislikes

A number of buyers said the instructions were useless and just pictures without writing

Our Opinion: This does take a bit of assembly and a little of your patience but worth the effort. You can find a couple of YouTube videos that will make assembling this easy so don't even bother reading what is included in the box.

Check Amazon UK for Availability

Average Price: £44

90% customer satisfaction based on 3,900+ online buyers

Workmate WM626 Review

Black and Decker Workmate WM626 folding workbench front view

Workmate WM626 folding workbench

This model is more expensive but has a heavier duty frame which does make this workmate a lot more sturdy.

It also has dual height for use as a workbench, bench tool stand, vice, or sawhorse (775 mm and 595mm)

It comes with adjustable swivel pegs and the wooden jaws have retention grooves for a better grip

It can hold any materials up to 136 mm in width and weighting up to 250 kg.

Pros & Likes

This workmate gets the highest satisfaction of all the models

It is strong and sturdy and once you get it built feels very strong and doesn't move around when sawing or sanding

This is strong so gives you plenty of scope for various sizes of materials

Cons & Dislikes

Has the common complaint about poor instructions

It is a little heavy if you are hanging it up to store

Our Opinion: If you want a better more sturdy workmate then this is the one to go for. It does take about 30 minutes to assemble but once you get that done it is very good. Add a little WD40 to the joints to loosen those and then it goes up and down much easier. It is good to use and feels strong and robust.

Check Amazon UK for Availability

Average Price: £97-100

90% customer satisfaction based on 4,500+ online buyers

Workmate WM825 Review

Black and Decker Workmate WM825 folding workbench front view

Workmate WM825 folding workbench

This is their top of the range workmate with all the bells and whistles and a good seller for Black & Decker

It is the most expensive but you get all the features and a larger carrying capacity for width, breadth and weight

This one has dual heights, swivel pegs, retention grooves, one hand clamp system and front jaw swings for vertical clamping

Pros & Likes

Buyers do seem to like this model as it is more versatile than the basic models

Buyers say it is very well made with good engineering and feels nice and solid once assembled

Once assembled it is nice and easy to use

Cons & Dislikes

The usual issues with assembly instructions being awful

It is a little heavier than the others to move around

Our Opinion: If you are willing to spend £100, then you can get a good folding workbench that will get plenty of use. It is slightly bulkier and heavier than the rest but still easy enough to carry around and setup.

Check Amazon UK for Availability

Average Price: £100

88% customer satisfaction based on 8,800+ online buyers

Who are Black and Decker?

Black and Decker are officially known as Stanley Black & Decker, as they merges with Stanley Works in 2010. This American group also owns Dewalt, Craftsman, Lenox and Irwin. That makes them the world leader in the tools industry. Each of the brands operate under their own name.

Black + Decker make their tools in USA, Mexico, Brazil, China and the UK. Their UK headquarters is based in Slough in Berkshire and their phone number is 01753-260 090.

They sell a wide range of power tools, garden tools, decorating tools and home cleaning tools. You can buy these online from many suppliers and also on the High Street through a lot of Retailers.

Black and Decker Workmate FAQ

How do you assemble a workmate?

The single biggest complaint about the workmate is the assembly instructions, or more important, the quality of the instructions. They are really just a page of pictures that make very little sense. We have included a video below that will get you through the pain.

How old is the Black and Decker workmate?

The workmates have been around since 1974. The very first one was made in England in the 1960's by an inventor called Ron Hickman. Since then several models have been made at different times.

How do you know what model of workmate you have?

Black & Decker model numbers are found on data label on the workmate. This is usually located on the back or bottom of the workbench, that is, if it hasn't worn off. The only time you need this is if you need to order spare parts.

There have been many models over the years:

  • TYPE 1 - 79-034, A6136, WM100, WM 2000, WM225, WM300, WM301, WM400, WM536, WM536C, WM540, Wm541, WM550, WM600, WM626, WM675, WM700, WM747, WM750, WM800, WM825, WM835, X40000, X40001
  • TYPE 2 - WM1000, WM225, WM700, WM825, WM835
  • TYPE 3 - WM225, WM536, Wm825
  • TYPE 4 - WM825
  • TYPE 5 - WM225, Wm626, WM626C
  • TYPE 6 - WM225, WM625
  • TYPE 9 - WM529,
  • TYPE 10 - WM535, WM536, WM626
  • TYPE 11 - WM535, WM536,WM550, WM626, WM750
  • TYPE 12 - WM550
  • TYPE 13 - WM550,

Black and Decker Workmate Height

Most workbenches should have a standard working height of 1 metre. The workmate is 775 mm and in the dual mode 775 cm and 595 in the lower height mode. The reason for the lower height is that the workmate is mainly used for sawing wood and the lower height is actually more comfortable to work at when sawing.

Black and Decker Workmate Spare Parts

You can get most parts directly from the Black and Decker website. We also found Tools and Parts Direct website is very good, as they seem to carry a lot of parts for each model of the workmate.

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