Best Folding Camping Chairs UK 2024

By  Enda McLarnon

What are the best folding camping chairs?

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the best luxury camping chairs that are currently available on the UK market. Let's face it there are hundreds of these chairs available. They can be picked up cheaply at many stores and most of them cost around £20-30.

They are however made of nylon or some light polyester material, and the frames are usually made from a light hollow metal or even plastic. They will do the job as they say and allow you to take the weight off your feet. They are however not really built to last, and most certainly not built to give you any lasting type of comfort.

Nor do they come with any extra useful features such as cup holders that work, cooler areas or the ability to be turned into a recliner.

Just below we have included our favourite selection of the best luxury folding camping chairs that are currently available on the UK market. Please feel free to browse through these and see if there is one that catches your eye.

YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair

TREKOLOGY Ultra Lightweight Compact Portable Chairs for Adults for Outdoor, Garden, Picnic, Camping Fishing Folding Chair

This folding chair is one of the biggest sellers online and great choice if you like to have strong back support

This chair is made from aluminum alloys used by Aircraft manufacturers and has a weight capacity of up to 135kg.

The chair is covered by engineering grade 600D polyester seat fabric with double reinforced V stitch

It is light at only 2 lbs and comes with a carry bag.

Check Amazon UK - Average UK Price £37 - 88% buyer satisfaction based on 6,000+ online buyer reviews

Best Folding Chair with a Cup Holder - Highlander Lightweight Durable Compact Folding Camp Chair

Highlander Camping Chair - Compact & Lightweight Folding Chair, 2.2kg, Portable Chair for Outdoors, Durable Steel Frame Arm Chair with Cup Holder

This folding chair has a durable steel frame, which is covered in a Polyester PVC coated material that makes it easy to wipe down and clean with a damp cloth

This chair is available in a range of colours that include marine blue, berry, black, camo and olive and has a cup holder

It comes with a carry bag

It weighs 2.2 Kg and can hold weights of up to 100 Kg (16 stones)

Check Amazon UK - Average UK Price £27 - 86% buyer satisfaction based on 5,500+ online buyer reviews

KingCamp Heavy Duty Steel Folding Chair / Director's Chair with Cooler Bag and Side Table

KingCamp Folding Camping Chairs for Adults Heavy Duty Directors Chair with Cooler Bag and Side Table Support up to 150KG

This folding chair has a tough steel frame, comes in an extra large size, and can support up to 150 kg/330 lbs

The seat height is 44 cm/17.3 inches, width 53 cm/20.8 inches

The chair weighs 6.7 kg / 14.8 lbs

The fabric of the chair is moisture-wicking to keep your body from sweating

It has padded armrests to add more comfort

It also comes with a fold-away insulated snack cooler and there is also a side table with cup holder. This folding chair is comfortable and firm at the same time, great for camping, car travelling, fishing, or the deck.

Check Amazon UK - Average UK Price £160 - 90% buyer satisfaction based on 1,300+ online buyer reviews

KingCamp Heavy Duty Compact Camping Folding Mesh Chair with Side Table and Handle

KingCamp Directors Chair Folding Camping Chairs for Adults with Side Table 23in Wide Seat for Garden Picnic Outdoor Supports up to 300LBS

This is a compact heavy duty folding chair

It is 51 × 48 × 15cm when packed, making it handy to easily carry with handle and will open and close in seconds

It has a heavy duty, rugged steel frame, that can support weights of up to 136 kg

There is reinforced mesh on the back and bottom

It also has a padded armrest to add more comfort

It comes with a neat little side table with cup holder

The seat height is 47 cm, width 43 cm and it weighs just 5.4 kg

Check Amazon UK - Average UK Price £70 - 92% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

Bo-Camp Aluminium Folding Fishing and Camping Armchair

Bo-Camp - Chair - Copa Rio - Classic

This folding chair is made from aluminum

It has a quite luxurious 2-tone lining made from high quality 600D polyester

It has a safety-lock and stabilisers

It is very portable due to its light weight

Available in sand, forest green, graphite, ocean blue and ruby red

Measures 57 x 54 x 89 cm and weighs 1.95 kg

Can support weights of up to 100 kg

Check Amazon UK - Average UK Price £65 - 86% buyer satisfaction based on 400+ online buyer reviews

Folding Camping Chair Buying Guide

We always like to provide a buying guide and below we have included a few tips that will help you make the best buying choice possible.

These can of course be used for a wide variety of purposes such as camping, concerts, fishing, bird watching, etc.

All you really need is a durable chair that is lightweight, folds up easily and is easy to store away when not in use. We would also recommend having some type of carrying bag as that helps keep the chair protected and clean, and much easier to store.

Alloy Steel Frame

Folding camping chairs are made from some type of alloy steel as that type of steel is strong, doesn't rust and is also very light. The quality of the alloy can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the better the quality the longer the chair will last.

Chair Cover

The cover on these chairs is almost always Polyester as it is hard wearing and very easy to clean. One thing to note is that 600D polyester is one of the best coverings for strength and ease of cleaning. It lasts for a very long time and can support heavy weights.

Quick and Easy Storage

Storing your chair is not something many people consider when first buying a camping chair. We think it is important though as some of these are much easier to store than others. We would always recommend one that has a storage bag with a handle or a couple of handles for easy carrying.

This is especially true if you have to take the chair in a car, or on a bicycle and be able to take it to a place, use it and then fold it up and carry it back. If it is being used for camping and carried in a motor home it may not be such a big issue.

At some point you will want to store the chair in a shed or garage. The cover will offer some protection from the moisture and also helps keep the chair free from dust and grime.

How easy does it fold?

This is also worth some consideration. The operation of folding should be easy as you don't want to be fighting with the chair or need a degree in engineering to figure it all out. You also want to be sure that when it is folded out that it is stable and secure.

Most manufacturers do a very good job of that. We did find that with really cheap chairs the folding mechanism was either a finger nipper, or was just too loose to give a feeling of stability.

Cup Holder

For some people they really like the idea of having a cup holder. We also like that idea and a simple mesh pocket is a good way of doing that. That type of pocket makes it ideal for cups, mugs, cans and bottles.

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