JSVER Extension Lead UK Review

By  Enda McLarnon

The JSVER Extension Lead sells well in online stores, and online buyers have given this extension lead a 92% buyer satisfaction rating, which overall is a very good online buyer rating.

There are plenty of choices for extension leads, and what makes this one a good choice is that it has a 2 metre power cord, a fire retardant casing, a power output of 2,400 watts and also USB charging points.

Buyers said that makes this an ideal choice for a wide range of household uses.

Extension leads with any type of protection, (which is what you should buy) cost around £12-£20, depending on the quality, and other basic features.

This JSVER lead costs on average £13-16 depending on where you make your purchase.

-enda mclarnon

Online Buyer Satisfaction

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall it gets a buyer satisfaction rating of 92% which is very good
  • About 76% of all buyers gave this JSVER extension lead a 5 star review
  • Around 4% of buyers gave this a poor review

What Online Buyers Said

We have summarised what those buyers have to say just below


  • Most buyers said that they liked that the lead has separate USB power sockets
  • Buyers said this was very useful for travel
  • The buyers said that the sockets have covers to protect kids from accessing them
  • Buyers said this was good value for money when compared to other similar extension leads


  • The majority of complaints are about the USB ports not charging quickly enough when several being used
  • A few buyers said it was faulty and didn't work properly

Overall most buyers were happy with their purchase. 4 in 100 buyers did say the USB charging ports were intermittent.

Key Features You Need to Know

JSVER Extension Lead
  • The operating voltage/current: 110-240V/10A
  • The power rating: 1100-2400W (110-240V/10A)
  • The USB output: 10.5W (5V 2.1A)
  • It measures 245*51*32mm
  • It weighs 385g
  • It has a red LED indicator and a blue surge protection light
  • It has a built in surge protector that protects your devices from power surges, spikes or other unsafe cases.
  • It has 3 sockets
  • It has an on/off switch
  • It has 4 USB charging ports and every single USB port can intelligently identify your device and seek to maximize its charging speed, granting charging speed up to 2.1A per port by optimally distributing the current.

JSVER Extension Lead USB Rating Summary


Buyers agree that the 3 sockets and 4 USB charging outlets make this a good overall choice


Buyers liked the fact that it has anti-surge protection and an on/off switch for safety


It sits in the medium price for this type of extension lead, one with sockets and USB charging ports

There are plenty of choices available for this type of extension lead. This one works well and is priced sensibly. The lead is good quality and can be used for a wide range of charging activity.

Many buyers seemed to use this when traveling or on the road.

It is a useful lead to have, and it is ideal if you have a range of devices that need to be charged on an ongoing basis.

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