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Best Mechanics Tool Set UK 2023

By  Enda McLarnon

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the best mechanic's tool sets. There are plenty of choices available ranging from full and complete tool sets, through to socket sets, screwdriver sets and more.

Below we explain what most mechanics and home mechanics buy and why they buy them. We also look at more affordable options for those car owners who want to be able to do some basic car maintenance at home.

In a Hurry - Our Recommendation

96% buyer satisfaction based on 2,500+ online buyer reviews

This tool set from the high quality Makita brand is by far the best option on the UK market for a useful mechanic's tool kit.

It contains 227 of the most popular tools and includes combination wrenches, HEX key wrenches, nut drivers, t-bars sockets, Pozi, screwdriver bits, Allen keys etc

The buyer reviews are as good as you can get.

So if you are in a hurry and don't have time to read our detailed article below, then this is an excellent choice.

As we mentioned earlier, there are quite a few choices so we will show you those below with an explanation of each option.

Affordable Drive Socket Set from Workpro

94% buyer satisfaction based on 2,000+ online buyer reviews

This type of tool kit is aimed at the home repair person rather than for an actual mechanic.

It is however a very good socket set with a large range of adapters, ratchet handles, extension bars and driving bits of all kinds.

Best of all we like the price especially as these are made from Chrome Vanadium Steel

These do make an excellent gift for someone who likes to work at their cars and other DIY projects


  • The majority of buyers say that these are really good value for money  
  • Almost all buyers were very impressed with the quality of the tools
  • These seemed particularly popular with motor bike users
  • Home owners who do a lot of DIY found this set extremely useful


  • Buyers would have preferred a metal case rather than plastic
  • A few buyers said the 1/8 sockets don't properly clip into place
  • A few buyers said the set was heavy to move around

WORKPRO 450-Piece Drive Socket Set

92% buyer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer reviews

This is the big brother of the brand shown above and has 4 trays that contains the most needed tools, such as sockets set, quick-release ratchet handled, combination wrenches, magnetic holder, bits set, hex keys, etc

The box has a slot for every piece and they are made from polished, heat treated, chrome vanadium steel with a triple chrome finish

This set has all the equipment necessary for vehicle repair and home maintenance.


  • The majority of buyers say that these are really good value for money  
  • Almost every buyer was highly impressed with the quality of the tools
  • Buyers say this is the perfect starter kit
  • Buyers said the case and trays made all the bits really easy to store


  • A few buyers said the screwdriver bits are just OK
  • A few buyers said the case is a little flimsy

Hilka 58 Piece 3/8-inch Drive Socket Set

94% buyer satisfaction based on 200+ online buyer reviews

We picked this out for anyone who wants to own a high quality socket set with a goof ratchet wrench and sockets

It contains a quick release 72 teeth ratchet and 18 x 6 point pro drive deep sockets 8-19mm

It also has 24 bits covering cross pozi tx star hex common point sizes


  • 80% of all buyers gave this a full 5 star review
  • Almost all buyers said the ratchet was strong and comfortable to use
  • Compared to other brands, most buyers say these are great value for money
  • The majority of buyers loved the quality of the sockets


  • A few buyers said the screwdriver bits snapped
  • A few buyers said the sockets do move around in the case

Amazon Basics Mechanic's Socket Set  145- Piece

92% buyer satisfaction based on 1,500+ online buyer reviews

This is part of the Amazon Basics range and contains a socket set with the most popular sockets, wrenches, hex keys and the most common screwdriver bits

The socket set displays the sizes in both metric and SAE (inches) and all contained in a hard plastic case

They are made from Chrome-vanadium steel which has been forged 


  • The majority of buyers say that these are exceptional value for money  when compared to the big tool brands
  • Almost all buyers were very impressed with the quality of the tools for the low price
  • These allow you to do most types of work on vehicles
  • Buyers say this is a good set for general work around the home


  • Buyers said it doesn't contain a 19mm socket and unable to do brake pad changes
  • A few buyers said doesn't have a spark plug socket

DEWALT® 181 Piece Black Chrome Mechanics Tool Set Premium

94% buyer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer reviews

This is a Dewalt kit so high quality and hence the high price for this 181 piece kit

The set contains thirty five 1/4" Drive Tools, fifty six 3/8" Drive Tools, seventeen 1/2" Drive Tools, twelve combination wrenches, and 20 bits

Also contains 41 specialty tools (SAE Hex keys, MM Hex keys, Nut Driver Bits, and Vinyl Grip Multi Driver)


  • The majority of buyers say that these are expensive but very high quality
  • Many buyers say this is a big investment but they have tools for life
  • Buyers say the case holds everything really well
  • Buyers say ideal for home vehicle repairs


  • A few buyers said they received damaged goods
  • A few buyers said the ratchets could have been stronger

Deko 168 Piece Auto Repair Tool Kit

92% buyer satisfaction based on 200+ online buyer reviews

This is a general purpose mechanic's tool kit and good solid value for money

It has professional-grade wrenches, ratchets, a complete range of 1/4 inch and 3/8inch metric-sized sockets, precision screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, utility knife, wire stripper, pliers, wrench, etc

The sockets are made from high quality steel, which has been heat treated and chrome plated and meets or exceeds ANSI standards.


  • The majority of buyers say that these are a good basic kit at an affordable price
  • Almost all buyers thought they were good value for money
  • Buyers say these are good for basic work or the casual user
  • Home owners who do a lot of DIY found this set extremely useful


  • A few buyers say these are low quality 
  • A few buyers said OK for basic work but not for mechanics

Mechanic's Tool Set Buying Tips

When you buy any tool you want it to be able to do the job. You will want it to be able to do that job again and again in most cases. For us that means buying something that is good quality. We also want value for money and most people don't mind paying a little extra for that.

Our advice is to run a million miles from really cheap tools. You can buy a hammer for £3 and if you are lucky it will last for a few weeks or even months. Good quality hammers cost £15-20 and you will never need to buy a hammer again. You will also know with the better hammer that it isn't going to break or bend when you really need it.

That principle is even more important when it comes to something like a mechanic's tool kit. If you have worked on vehicles of any kind then you will already know that screws, nuts and bolts come in different shapes and sizes and are usually machined on.

It takes the right tools to be able to loosen and remove these. It also takes good tools to replace and tighten them. There are few things more annoying than working on something and realise that you don't have the right bit or the right size of socket.

The key is to buy as good tools as you can afford at that time and they will last you for years.

Spanners and Socket Sets

An essential part of any good mechanics kit will be high quality sockets that grip properly and don't slip. Those along with a good ratchet wrench will make your life a great deal easier.

Mechanics working in a garage will buy top of the range tools which cost a fortune but last them a life time. These are made by companies like Ega Master, Sealey, Stahlwille, Gedore, Wera etc

For home mechanics that would be just too much to spend as they only need to use that type of tool every now and again. That is where these cheaper tools will do a good job, and when we say cheaper, we mean cheaper compared to the expensive ones mentioned above.

A Wera socket set for example costs around £450-£500 for a 1/2" ratchet, 17 sockets, screwdriver bits and s few adapters. The ones we have shown on the list offer you a wider variety at a more affordable price.

As a home mechanic you will always need to balance your needs with your budgets, but you should focus on the sockets and make sure you have good quality ones that allow you to do things like brake pad changes, plug changes and the most common nut and bolt sizes.

Resources used to help write this article

ANSI standards - American National Standards

Chrome Vanadium Steel - Wikipedia

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