Man Shed Gift Ideas

By  Enda McLarnon

Looking for man shed gift ideas? Then welcome to the original man who does spend a lot of time pottering around in his shed. So if you are a wife, partner, son, daughter or simply a good friend looking to buy something for that type of man, you will find plenty of ideas here.

​I know it mat seem strange to you that guys like us love to potter around in a shed or garage. However we simply look at it as time well spent doing various bits and bobs and sometimes just nothing at all. When it comes to buying gifts for that type of man it can be quite difficult.

You may not know what he already has, or what it is he really wants. Let me help you with that and hopefully I can make your choices a great deal easier.

Man Gift Idea 1 - Signs​

shed signs

​Any man worth his salt will have at least on "shed sign" in his shed or garage. That is simply a standard piece of kit. If he already has one then do not be put off as there is always plenty of room for a few. The funnier they are the better. I have 4 signs currently and if I received another one, I would be delighted.

A small word of warning - some of these signs can be a little naughty. It all depends on his sense of humour and of course on you the person buying the gift. Here is a link to my favourite man shed signs.​

On that page you will find a whole selection of signs that are available over at Amazon UK for just a few pounds. These make great gift ideas for Father's Day, a birthday and a nice stocking filler for Christmas Day.

​Man Gift Idea 2 - Security

best man shed alarms

This is something every man should have for his shed but very few do. Inside his shed or garage he will probably have a lot of expensive tools, gardening equipment, golf clubs etc. Most men will only have a door with some type of flimsy lock attached. For just a few pounds, and less than £20, you could buy him a simple alarm system.

These are very easy to fit and will give him peace of mind about his precious tools etc. Not only that but men love gadgets, so this is sure to be a winner. He will enjoy fitting it and working out the best place to do that. He will also like to show it off to his friends and to explain to them how good he was at fitting it.

You can check out my full page on what alarms are available here.​

Shed Locks

Best Locks for a Shed

These also make a great gift idea for your man in the shed. Most likely he will have tools that are valuable. He will also store his gardening stuff in there. Most importantly he will also have all his precious knick knacks in there. Whatever lurks behind the shed door he will want to keep it secure and safe.

One if the best ways of doing that is to have some type of lock on there. That can be as simple as a padlock or a bolt lock.​ Most guys will have used some old padlock rather than buy something that offers the best security.

Why not treat him to a new lock. These are not expensive and even the high security locks cost less than £10. I can assure you he will love it, especially if it has a combination lock. You can read more about safety locks by clicking here.

Man Gift Idea 3 - The Shed Mug

shed mugs

Now most men will have as standard a mug where he drinks his tea or coffee in the shed. He may keep one out there, but at the very least he will bring one out there. (And probably forget to bring it back in to get cleaned) You can never have too many shed mugs. I have picked out a couple that I really like and I think would make great man shed gifts.

You can actually buy shed mugs as well. These normally cost around £5-8 depending on what you go for. These are great as a stocking filler or for other events in his life.​

Enda McLarnon

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Enda McLarnon

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